In Sickness And In Health…

I have spent the bulk of my day in bed – not because I was luxuriating in my laziness and not because I was having a wild sex romp – because I was just too dizzy and nauseous to go anywhere else.  I did however spend a lovely few hours at the Sanford walk-in clinic today after Mike (who is out-of-town for work) collaborated with the kids to bring me in there (despite my desire to just crawl up into a ball and suffer in peace).

I must say though, I was in pretty rough shape. I am still not doing all that great even with the patch that is believed to be my cure.  Here is the best definitional framework I can give you for how bad off I was – I left the house un-showered, without doing anything to my hair and with no – and I mean NO – makeup.  I just put on sunglasses and went with Noah when he came to get me.  I honestly thought I was going to drop right there at the clinic – likely right after I threw up over everyone in the vicinity.  I cannot ever remember feeling that sick and debilitated.

I could not walk a straight line unassisted and I could not move my head without risking vomiting and passing out.  I also could not really talk as the movement of talking was too disruptive as well (Noah had a field day with that – imagine his glee).  I really was about as miserable as I can ever remember being.

The clinic was packed and it took over an hour to get in.  So I sat there mute in my sunglasses looking like I did (like death warmed over) with my lovely nausea bag held in close proximity to my chin.  I can only imagine what all the other folks at the clinic thought of me.  The hour crawled by and I must confess – I spent every second of that hour praying I wouldn’t throw up on someone in the near vicinity.

The verdict – the doctor thinks (at about 90% certainty) that my problem is labyrinthitis.  It has something to do with a viral infection that affects the inner ear and causes vertigo, affects balance, and results in nausea.   It doesn’t even sound like a real illness does it?  It sounds like something from a Harry Potter movie.  Ah, but I can attest – you do not want to get this – it sucks.  I can’t imagine having to live with this.

The doctor prescribed me a patch to wear behind my ear and he tells me I should be better in three days. Right now after about five hours with the patch I am about 50% better than I was at the clinic – I can talk again and I am actually sitting up as I write this.  I haven’t thrown up since the five o’clock hour, but then again – I haven’t really eaten anything much since then.

I couldn’t miss doing my blog though – there are some things that I must do even in sickness – and this is one.  Earlier, I had toyed with the notion of just dictating my blog to Noah and having him type it – but I can see where that could have gone terribly wrong.  Noah rarely wastes an opportunity to poke fun at me.  I guess I can’t complain though as he spent the bulk of his day with his pitifully sorry looking mother who couldn’t even walk on her own and almost threw up in his car.  I guess I kinda’ owe him the liberty to poke fun at me – I am sure it will come after I am all better from my Harry Potter disease.

I have dispatched all the caretakers for the night – they all took turns coming over to check on their sickly mother.  Now it is time to try and eat something and see how well I fare in keeping it inside – I will give it the college try.  I hope by tomorrow I will be back on the “in health” side of this equation.

Day one thousand one hundred and fifteen of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Stan

    Once I was able to overcome the nausea, I had fun with the spins, roll over in bed and WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    Not so fun trying to drive though.

  2. Barbara

    Omigosh, I just can’t imagine you ‘laid low’ by anything! This must be a real pip of a bug–I would think any Harry Potter bug would be a pip and then some. Many thanks to Mike and your troops–it must be something of a shock for them to see you in that shape. I hope you’re well soon.

  3. Barbara

    (The perverse part of me sort of wishes that you had ‘lost it’ in Noah’s car, just because it would have made a great topic for your blog. Can you tell I have sons that just need to be punked occasionally?) 😀

  4. Noah

    Dear Mother,

    I would like to point out that I would never have taken this opportunity to poke fun at you, I have more integrity than that for the game we play. I want you in top shape to knock you down otherwise its a hollow victory. Also Barbara you just made my list, lucky for you its a very long list and it may take me awhile to get to you. Hope you feel better Mom.

  5. jackie

    My husband has been fighting these systems in varying degrees for about 4 months. They have done every test there is , blood work, mri, ct scan you name it. Think it might be inner ear, but started a third round of antibiotics and is feel the best he has in months. Could be a viris ths just doesn’t want to let go.
    Hope you are feeling better.

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