A Joyous Cry…

Barbara Wang made me cry and rejoice the other day.  The tears weren’t bad ones – they weren’t even big ones.  They were the kind of tears that well up in your eyes when your heart smiles so big that it leaks out of your eyes.  It was more than a happy cry – it was a joyous cry.  The cry came as a reaction to Barbara’s thoughtfulness and outreach to Cheyenne which was just another piece of Barbara that she gifted to me and my family.

Barbara took a saying that Cheyenne has on her blog and made it into a wall-hanging for her.  In addition, she sent Cheyenne a very special letter.  What a lovely and thoughtful gesture that was on Barbara’s part.

Barbara has grown to be a near and dear person in my world through initial exchanges about my blog. Over time she has become a muse, friend, and co-conspirator.  She is an incredible lady who sprinkles encouragement, support, and happiness into every interaction.  In addition, she is one of the strongest, most independent thinkers I know.  She is all that and a bag of chips.

As much as I know of, and care about, Barbara (who I typically reference as B-Dubya these days) – I have never met her in person.  Which makes her thoughtfulness that much more touching.  I find it quite comforting that one can build these types of relationships across the miles – it reminds me of the days of pen pals.

I enjoy B-Dubya immensely – our lives have many parallels and we share many of the same ideals.  I am grateful that our paths have crossed – my life is richer for it.  And I am even more grateful that my family has an opportunity to get to know the heart and humor of Barbara Wang.   My clan puts primacy on human connections and the connection we have with B-Dubya is one we feel fortunate to have.

Many thanks to B-Dubya for being the beautiful, strong, thoughtful, spunky, resilient, funny, and compassionate woman she is…she fills me and my clan with joy just by being who she is…somedays so much so that a joyous cry is in order. 😉

Day one thousand one hundred and eighteen of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    “….. the kind of tears that well up in your eyes when your heart smiles so big that it leaks out of your eyes. “ A wonderfully poetic phrase and I know the feeling well.

    The appreciation is so mutual—all that and a big box of Kleenex………

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