The Power Of A Dream…

Dell has a new series of commercials that seek to illustrate the way folks can use technology to make their ideas come to life.  One of the commercials features Annie – the girl who dreamed she could fly.  In the commercial, Annie does indeed fly.  She does it with the help of technology, but is ultimately successful based on her hard work and dogged determination that she will fly.

The commercial (watch it here) reminds me of the power of a dream and how salient it can be to the dreamer.  So often those around big dreamers cannot fully appreciate the dream and tend to minimize the possibility that the dream can be realized.  I think that the sensible thinkers want the dreamers to keep a foot on the ground in the real world.  I think they do this because they know that many dreams remain exactly that – dreams.   Chasing dreams instead of living the practical, methodical life of everyday folks often seems foolhardy; yet, without the dreamers we would never see advancements in the world.  Without the dreamers our existence would be static and lack imagination.

Remember the power of a dream when next you run across a dreamer…it is there in those dreams that the magic of our tomorrows lie. 😉

Day one thousand one hundred and twenty-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C