Dizziness, Hives, And Full Bladders – Oh My!

I am writing my blog today from the Syracuse VA Medical Center.  I am here because my son Noah had to go to the emergency room to try to get some help for what has grown into one of the most prolific and severe cases  of hives I have ever seen.  I qualify that the hives diagnosis is mine, that has not been confirmed by a doctor yet – at least not to me.  Noah’s hands, arms, neck, ears, and face are covered with sores.  Noah’s hands are so swollen and covered with sores he cannot make a fist.  It is quite frightening to look at and, according to Noah, difficult to endure.

Noah and I headed out from Wakefield, Canada this morning after he suffered all night with the hives and woke up in a worsened condition.  He refused to go to the hospital in Canada.  Having experienced the Canadian healthcare system with his ex-wife and children he rationalized that he would sit longer waiting for treatment in Canada than driving to Syracuse, receiving treatment, and driving back.

Noah insisted on driving to Syracuse himself.  He does not appreciate my driving skills and made it clear that he would have to be dead before he would submit to me driving him anywhere.  I did not point out that one cannot submit to anything when dead – I understood the gist of what he was saying and decided to just let that one go.  It took us almost six hours to make what should have been about a three and a half hour trip.  Our trip was made dramatically longer by the fact that we had a two hour wait at the border.  Of those two hours, I had to go to the bathroom approximately one hour and 59 minutes.  If you want to know how it feels when time crawls – try sitting in gridlock after a grande coffee.  Every minute felt like ten and I was sure that my bladder would probably burst long before I arrived back in my country.   To add insult to injury we ended up in the slowest moving line (the other lines cleared three cars to our line’s one).  When we got up to the agent we understood why, but I will not repeat the word herein that I used to describe her after having dealt with her…let’s just say it wasn’t a nice word.

But is all water under the bridge now (not my water thankfully, but there really was a bridge – the Thousand Islands Bridge).  Noah is in a room here at the Syracuse VA Medical Center and they are addressing the issue.  I have not been privy to any details yet.  There is no telling how long we will be here.  We have already been here about three hours.

The folks here are awfully nice though – I do so appreciate that.  They are allowing me to sit here in the Internet Cafe area outside the closed cafeteria even though it is supposed to be off limits on the weekends.  I am grateful that they are allowing me the time to write my blog.  I suspect we will be here for quite a bit longer.  I don’t think we will be leaving Syracuse tonight to head back to Wakefield.

Thus far, this has not been the trip we planned; but, we remain hopeful that this will turn itself around and we will have at least a few good days with Noah Jr. and Cortney –  days without dizziness, hives, full bladders, or other maladies.

One thousand one hundred and twenty-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    Oh my indeed! We’re all sending out good vibes for things to get better–less adventure and more vacation.

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