Cross Your Fingers…

Things appear to be looking up for Oprah and Gayle.  I daresay we are moving from the misadventure to the adventure portion of our trip (cross your fingers, knock on wood, throw salt over your shoulder, etc.).  I am happy it is coming in time to allow us at least some time with Noah Jr. and Cortney.

Yesterday was a good day – a really good day.  Not that anything much has changed with our situation.  I still have labyrinthitis and Noah still is covered in hives (less inflamed, but still terribly plentiful, incredibly noticeable, and fairly itchy), but yesterday we had a great time in spite of it all.

It is amazing the effect happiness can have on one’s sense of well-being.  It is the difference between sitting under a dark cloud and being Eeyore-like and being in the bright sun and being Tigger-like – the difference is noticeable.  It is the reason that so many folks who are seriously ill strive for positivity – it makes a difference in the way one views their challenges and outcomes.  Not that we are seriously ill, well not at least physically seriously ill; however, there may be varying opinions on the state of our mental health.  After all, we do still travel together willingly.  Hmmmm…we’ll leave that for one for another day and another therapy session.  The point is – happiness helps alleviate the ills that plague you.

Yesterday, Noah and I met my cousin Scott and his longtime partner Seann for lunch in Watertown, New York.  I had not seen my cousin Scott for almost five decades and I had never met Seann before yesterday.  It was a long lunch – four and a half hours in total.  It didn’t seem that long though – it seemed like an hour.  Such is the case when kindred spirits get together and have so much to share.  It is like charging your batteries when they are just about depleted – you just want to stay plugged in for as long as possible.  I have no doubt that we could have closed down the restaurant had we not needed to get on the road and get back to Canada.

Seann, me (a.k.a. Gayle), Scott, and Noah (a.k.a. Oprah)

Having that time with Scott and Seann was such a gift – Noah and I enjoyed it so much.  It was good for the soul.  I wish it could have been longer, but we left with the promise that we would return soon for a longer visit.  There are many more memories, stories, laughs, opinions, hopes, and dreams to share between us…many more long lunches.

Our travel day betwen Syracuse and Watertown, and then from Watertown to Ottawa, was delightfully trouble-free.  It was a beautiful day and I occupied my time by taking photos.  Most folks likely don’t take photos through the car windows – folks who know how to take good photos.  Alas, wholly inadequate, but happy amateur photographers like me take hundreds of improbable photos hoping to walk away with a handful that capture what they saw in the moment and found to be magical.  I share a few below to both validate my statements about my photography skills and to illustrate the things that charm me.

The view from the rearview mirror 
Soldiers on the way back to Fort Drum
The road ahead – beautiful blue skies 
This view makes for a pleasnt drive 

Yes – it is a brand new day and it is lookin’ good!  Oprah and Gayle’s Big Adventure – Part Deux marches on…no scratch that – we aren’t marching – we are skipping and humming merrily. Okay, I am skipping and humming merrily, but Oprah’s step is noticeably lighter today.  It could be that the Gayle effect is starting to take hold.  La-la-la-la-la!   😉

Day one thousand one hundred and twenty-eight of the new forty

Ms. C

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  1. B-Dubya

    What a wonderful side trip for the two of you after all the earlier crapstorms! It doesn’t surprise me that both Oprah and Gayle are travelling lighter now–I’m guessing that Scott and Seann have also felt a real life-lift from the visit. What is that saying–“Life is what happens while we’re making other plans” ? Ooh yeah! 😉

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