Simple Things…

They say simple things amuse simple people.  I have concluded I am simple.

I say this because the most minor of things can endlessly amuse me.  While others may just see something and take it at face value, my mind always takes it a step or two beyond the casual observation.  an example – the photo below.

When I saw this sign I immediately laughed.   It is posted on the roadside outside the building across the street from where we are staying in Ottawa.  The sign seems to indicate that elderly persons cross at that location, yet there is no crosswalk there.  The sign is in front of a massive apartment building which I assume has elderly residents, yet I have not seen a soul come out of that building.  I likewise have not seen a soul cross the street near the sign.

I wonder how one gets such a sign placed in their neighborhood.  What percentage of elderly need to cross in any given area to get a designated sign?   I wonder if the area crossers have to be slower than the average elderly crossers to warrant a special sign.  What is the average crossing speed?  I wonder if I am an average crosser for my age.

I ask you, would you cross the street where this sign is?  Would you even stop in the vicinity?  I do believe that if I was even near the sign the odds are someone would snap a photo and it would land on the Internet.   If that happened you know that Noah would make it his Facebook photo, have it posted on billboards in the Fargo-Moorhead area, and distribute fliers at area grocery stores.

My biggest curiosity though about the elderly crossing sign is why it has no crosswalk in the location. The sign does not sit on a corner – it sits mid-street and it is a busy street.  The fact that there is no crosswalk makes me wonder – is this a cruel joke?  Did someone put up the sign so elderly crossers would cross there and have to dodge traffic?  Disturbing thought, eh?

Simply put – one sign can occupy my mind for a good long time.  Yes, I am constantly amused.

Day one thousand one hundred and twenty-nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. B-Dubya

    Noticing those simple things is like life’s chocolate sauce (with a big ol’ cherry on top). Years ago, I read about hand grenades with “Do Not Eat” embossed on the bottom. Like if somebody was actually thinking about gobbling one up, would those three words stop them? DUH!

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