Being A Good Citizen…

I try to always be a good citizen.  I do not always succeed at the level I might hope, but as I said – I always try.

On the plane flight from Detroit to Minneapolis yesterday I was a good citizen.  Wait – I should qualify that by saying, in my estimation I was a good citizen.  By Noah’s estimation I was a narc.  I am fairly sure my estimation is correct.

The debate began when the man across the aisle from us did not shut off his Kindle after two power down your electronics messages on the plane.  This bothered me because I am (for the most part) a rule follower – especially safety rules.

The man didn’t attempt to hide that he was non-compliant.  He just didn’t seem to care what the rules were.  This really bothered me.  When the plane started to move away from the gate and toward the runway, my irritation started to percolate.  I said to Noah, “That man still has his Kindle on…he needs to turn it off.”

Noah looked at me with his don’t you dare look and said in the sternest voice he could muster – “Mind your own business mother – please.”  I think he thought that the addition of the please might be the touch that gained my compliance – fat chance.

“I am going to tell the flight attendant,” I said.

Noah tried again, “NO, YOU ARE NOT.”

My response to that was – “Oh yes I am. Civilized society requires that folks comply with the rules.”

I felt completely justified in my position.  This is a rule that is designed to protect the safety of folks on the plane.  Everyone else complied but this man.  Who did he think he was?  I have been on many, many flights and have never witnessed blatant non-compliance.

I signaled to the flight attendant and when he came over I merely pointed at the man with his Kindle.  The flight attendant told him to shut it off.  He appeared to do so.

Noah was not happy that I felt obliged to say something.  He said I was a narc.  I said I was being a good citizen.

Apparently, after the flight attendant walked away the man turned back on his Kindle.  I didn’t learn this until the flight was over as Noah didn’t want to give me any more ammunition.  Noah is a big guy and he was in the aisle seat and closest to the non-compliant passenger.  By moving his body backward or forward he could completely block my view.  And that is what he did – until he fell asleep.

Near the end of the flight, the flight attendant announced that all electronic devices needed to be powered off.  Guess who didn’t comply… the man across the aisle.   Again I signaled the flight attendant and again the man seemed to comply.  This time though I saw him turn it back on as the flight attendant strode back down the aisle.  That is when my head started doing 360 degree turns and I was noticeably foaming at the mouth. Noah was awake by this time and said his face was melting on the side near me from the heat coming off of me.  I was flamin’ mad. The remainder of the flight was spent in a heated discussion with Noah about the importance of compliance with safety rules.  And through it all – that wretched man stayed on his Kindle.

I was fit to be tied by the time we landed.  I told Noah that I was going to follow him off the plane and tell him what I thought of him.  Noah wasn’t having any part of that – he said that would be worse than being a narc – it would be stalking.

I am writing an email to Delta with the information about this event and I am supplying the man’s seat number (20D).  I hope that they will send him a letter or email and chastise him.  As for me, I have an imprint of what he looks like in my mind’s eye and if I ever see him again in my travels I am going to share my thoughts with him about his non-compliance with the rules.

Noah says he will never let me live this down – he says I better comply with every single safety rule there is like the “good citizen” I insist I am.  If I don’t he says he will tell everyone and anyone who will listen.  Gee, now who’s the narc? 😉

Day one thousand one hundred and thirty-two of the new forty

Ms. C

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