A Brief Respite…

Yesterday was my one day home between my trip to Canada and my trip to Maryland to teach a class for FEMA. It was almost 12 AM by the time I walked in my front door Friday nite (but I guess that is technically Saturday morning). I had to unpack, launder, and pack again on Saturday to ensure that I would be able to get to the airport timely. My flight out of Fargo today took of at 6:40-ish. I always kick myself (figuratively not literally) when I have to rise early for these crack of dawn flights. Of course, as a good citizen I try and always arrive a solid hour before takeoff from Fargo. I missed a flight about five years ago because I arrived too late to have my luggage on-board and it left a powerful imprint. My alarm was set for 4:15 this morning so that I could get my act together and get my fanny out the door.

In addition to getting ready for this trip yesterday, I also had catching up to do on my life. After being gone 10 days with Oprah on the big adventure, my life needed my attention. But I have to tell ya’ folks – the Canada trip wiped me out. I didn’t want to get out of my bed come Saturday morning and even after I did my wagon was draggin’. I piddled around, had multiple cups of coffee, said aloud numerous times I really should take a shower soon, and looked at photos of other people doing stuff with their lives on Facebook; but, truth be told – there were no significant signs of life out of me until after the noon hour.

It was about that time that my daughter Sarah brought over baby Lennon. Since Lennon was born (about eight weeks ago), I have seen him every couple of days or so. After having to leave Noah Jr. and Cortney in Canada (a reality that never gets any easier), I really needed to see Lennon’s sweet little face. Being able to spend some time with him yesterday really helped to revive me and get me moving forward.

After Sarah and Lennon headed home I went out and spent a couple of hours deadheading in my garden. My garden had a massive growth spurt in my absence. All my flowers seemed to have had a growth spurt in my absence. The sunflowers are a veritable forest of stalks, leaves, sunflowers in the making, and sunflower blooms. With everything blooming and thriving it is really a sight to be seen. The time in the garden provided me with the additional down time I needed (and a couple dozen mosquito bites – thank you very much).

When it was all said and done, the time I spent with Lennon and in the garden allowed me the brief respite I needed to get my fanny in gear again. So here I am today on my second of three plane flights with itch ointment in my purse and a tired, but contented smile on my face. 😉

Day one thousand one hundred and thirty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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