Stinky McFadden Chewed My New Shoes.

Stinky McFadden chewed my new shoes.

They are not expensive shoes – in fact I purchased them at the Walmart in Watertown, New York on clearance for $5; but, I purchased them because I really liked them.  They are made of the same lightweight material as crocs and I thought they would be perfect for wearing while gardening.  I thought they were kind of cute in a clunky croc kind of way.

I had an opportunity to wear them out to the garden once, the Saturday after I returned from Canada.  I must say, I was pretty thrilled that I had acquired such fab garden shoes for such a steal of a deal.  Of course, paying $5 for a pair of shoes you may only be able to wear once may not be as great a deal.

By the time I discovered Stinky McFadden gnawing on my shoes he had done some serious damage. One of the bands is about chewed through entirely.  He ruined my new garden shoes.

Bad cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had quite the conniption when I caught him.  He looked at me like I was a fruit loop and just kept chewing.  When I started toward him with flailing arms and emitting the shriek of a large wounded animal – he reluctantly dropped the shoe he had in his mouth and walked away irritated at me.  Can you imagine?  He chews my shoes and he is irritated at me?  Seriously??!!!!!

He doesn’t recognize the fact that he is big trouble with me.  Or he just doesn’t give a rat’s fanny.  Either way, it is a completely unsatisfactory level of repentance.

He wasn’t even remotely interested when I went on and on for ten minutes ranting about how abnormal it is for cats to chew things.  He looked disinterested when I gave him the stink eye.  And when I put one of the damaged shoes in front of him and said, “You are a bad cat!”, he tried to grab it to chew it some more.

Cheyenne says I should stop complaining about the whole thing.  She says that Stinky did me a favor – he saved me from a fashion crisis.  She asserts that my garden shoes are the most hideous shoes ever and I should never have put them on my feet to begin with; indeed, she carte blanche questions the fashion forwardness of clearance Walmart shoes.

Uggh…where is the love?  Where is the sympathy?  Where is the repentance?  I’ll tell you folks – it isn’t anywhere to be found around here.  I’ll miss my garden shoes – so will Stinky no doubt.

Day one thousand one hundred and thirty-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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