For All Women, Let’s Have The 2nd Talk.

I have shared on my blog in the past my disdain for the delightful changes I am experiencing in perimenopause.  I refuse to suffer this assault on my body silently under an umbrella of shame.  I am fortunate to have friends who have shared their experiences with perimenopause with me; as such, I was more clued into what types of things to expect than most.  Alas, the onslaught of the myriad of symptoms attached to perimenopause can drive even an informed person to the very edge of their sanity.

I was delighted – no, make that DELIGHTED!!!!!!!! – to learn about the new website for perimenopausal women sponsored by Poise.   The website – – is a treasure trove of information, but the best part of the website – BY FAR – are the short videos by women talking about their symptoms.  Check those videos out here and send every woman you know there as well.  As the site name denotes, this is the 2nd talk that every woman should have – if not with her mother or friends, then in the community of women that is gathering at the 2nd talk website.

I say the hell with suffering in silence and wondering whether what you are experiencing is normal or not.  This experience is not a day in the park…it is not sunshine and lollipops.  This experience will cause you to question if something is seriously wrong with you mentally, physically, and emotionally.  There are so many symptoms that fall under the banner of perimenopause that you will begin to say to yourself each time a new one materializes, “This too??!!  Are you freakin’ kidding me???!!!”  Okay, maybe that is just me. 😉

That is why the community of the sisterhood is so important to tap into at this time.  Watch the videos, read the blogs, find your story in others’ stories…trust me it helps an awful lot to understand that you are not alone.  I promise you, you will laugh in commiseration and you will leave the site relieved.

Perimenopause can go on for years and have some significant effects on women.  The effects can affect women’s relationships, careers, and sense of well-being.  Everyone that comes in contact with women (hence, EVERYONE) should become better informed about perimenopause.  Understanding the magnitude of the change women’s bodies undergo during the march toward menopause will help folks see past symptoms and allow them to better support the women around them.

For all my sisters presently in the heat of the battle (an appropriate pun to be sure), hold your heads up high. Go to and engage in the 2nd talk.  You are not alone, you are not going crazy, and you have nothing to be ashamed of.  Hang in there – I am with you in spirit and hot flashes. 😉

Day one thousand one hundred and forty-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. stormchaser

    I’m not even old enough to worry about that yet, but I saw the hell my mom went through. I remember the anger, and the air conditioner being on in November, and the weight gain among other things. I’m not claiming to be prepared, but at least my husband knows what he may be in for. *goes to the store to buy cast iron frying pan* (lol)

  2. Plz tell me if 44 is to young for menopause I have night sweats periods that.may be twice a.month and sometimes just.for.3 days is menopause what.I’m going thru.I’m moody.too if so how long.does it.last

  3. Gail

    Whew! I can safely say that I have crossed to the other side of that hill and I did survive. Of course my symptoms were nowhere near as severe as they could have been. And my doctor would have gladly prescribed something to help. She’s been there done that, too.


    I am right there with yall , I am 49 i look like i am going to have a baby , the night sweats ,moody, dont wont to have sex hot flashes now i dont have a period

  5. Dianne Rogers

    I hear each and every women here! I am turning 44 in October and have definitely begun this “challenging journey” called perimenopause, OR AS MY FRIEND CALLED IT “MEN ON PAUSE”!!!! I have experienced, and continue to experience, the rath of heat, the feeling that my heart is going to pump right through my chest, felling like “is this a heart attack?”, needing to sleep and hang out with the air conditioner on full, sometimes being Mrs. grumpy pants mixed with the devil incarnate, weird periods, and the list goes on. I have not had the blood tests done yet to confirm as my doctor says I don’t need to check (just don’t worry about it – yeah right). So after hours of searching and researching (along with daily pleads and prayers to God) the best explanation I can come up with is that I have, in fact, begun this journey. I found this site by opening up a pack of Poise pads and noticing a flyer with coupons inside. God does work in strange ways! Well, since I am a firm believer that it takes a community to raise a child, it only stands to reason that I should be able to manage this 2nd life change with the help of others in the same position. Duh…why didn’t I think of that in the first place??? Anyway, I think I shall be visiting this site on a regular basis, especially when new and wonderful symptoms rear their heads or I just need to see if there might be a different way to cope. Who knows, maybe what I have to say might help another woman see that they are not crazy. Thanks ladies for being so open to sharing and courageous enough to be honest (with a whole lot of humour thrown in)!! Dianne 🙂

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