Frutista Frenzy…

I don’t fancy myself as an addictive personality, but with my behavior of late I may need to re-think that.  I have acquired a bit of an addiction that seems to be gaining control over me.  My addiction – the Strawberry Frutista Freeze from Taco Bell.

It all started when Cheyenne suggested I try one.  I tried the smaller size.  That was the only small frutista I have had all summer.

After my first frutista – which I enjoyed immensely – I didn’t think too much about frutistas.  It took a couple weeks until I thought to stop and have another.  Then the time between frutista stops became shorter and shorter.  The next thing I knew I was finding excuses to go to Taco Bell almost daily.

I am getting a little worried.  I can’t keep consuming frutistas like this. It is a frutista frenzy!!  As soon as I finish one I start thinking about when I get to have my next one.  This addiction is taking over my life!

Someone please tell me that this is only on the Taco Bell menu as a summer beverage.  I need to be cut off cold turkey come the fall, or I need to seek help – perhaps a twelve step program or a patch or rehab – something to dial my frutista consumption back down to the level of rational folks.

Oh sure, you probably are thinking I should just be able to exercise more self-control…sure, I might have said the same thing to someone in my position a couple of months ago.  Alas, this is beyond self-control.  I am in a state wherein I rationalize my addiction.  I think to myself, I worked hard today I deserve a frutista…it is merely a small gift to myself (and let’s face it, frutistas are also a gift to my hips too at 280 calories of hardcore sugar a pop).  Since I cannot control myself I need to rely on Taco Bell to remove the source.  Please, someone from Taco Bell, confirm that frutistas are only on your summer menu.  Help me help myself…and soon please, before I move to two a day! 😉

Day one thousand one hundred and forty-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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