Another Year, Another Love Affair…

Well here we are – another school year begins.  With each new school year comes new faces and new relationships…and for me, yet another love affair.

It all started in August 2010 when I first met the members of STEM’s 6th grade teaching team.  They were all young, engaged, and committed to creating an educational experience like no other for students.  Their energy was palpable, their enthusiasm contagious, and their belief in the kids ability was inspiring…that was when my love affair with the STEM 6th grade team began.

When Cheyenne moved on to 7th grade it was difficult to let go of the 6th grade team; alas, Cheyenne had to move on and so did I.  I felt a bit sorry for the 7th grade team as  they had big shoes to fill.  When we arrived at Back to School night in 2011 I was skeptical, but an hour later I felt that lovin’ feeling starting to take hold again.  I was thrilled that Cheyenne was going to be able to experience another year with incredible educators who had high expectations and were deeply committed to having their students rise to their highest level of capability.

Of course the end of 7th grade was difficult.  Once again I had to resign myself to the reality that Cheyenne could not remain in 7th grade forever.  All the fabulous memories that came out of the 7th grade adventure had to be put aside in preparation for Cheyenne’s last year at STEM as an 8th grader.  I was aware going in that the odds of lightning striking three times was fairly remote.  I rationalized that we were so lucky to have two incredible years with two great teaching teams, that to hope for more was tantamount to being selfish.

Which brings me to tonight – Back to School night 2012.  Well, apparently there is a lightning rod on the STEM building as Cheyenne once again has a team of brilliant educators.  While I listened to them talk tonight about what the students would be doing in 8th grade under their tutelage I once again got that starry-eyed look and silly grin on my face.  Apparently my love affair with the STEM teaching teams are not a thing of the past.

Good teachers who invest in their students are worth their weight in gold.  Good teachers who invest in their students and operate in a learning rich environment that is supported with the resources it needs can take learning to a whole new level.  That is what the students at STEM get.  Seriously,  what’s not to love? 😉

Day one thousand one hundred and fifty-one – obla di obla da

Ms. C