Place More Value On Your Life And The Lives Of Others Than On A Text…

My blog entry today is an open letter to a young woman who was driving behind me for awhile today on my way back from the NDSU campus.  She caught my eye originally while I was sitting at a stop light.  The young woman (she looked to be about the age of a college student) had long black hair and was driving a fairly new, white, two-door Toyota convertible with an orange hang tag parking pass.  She was traveling south on 45th Street from 12th Avenue and turned on the side street that goes past Kroll’s Diner and dead ends into the Walmart parking lot.  This transpired at approximately 11:30 AM today.

Dear young woman in the convertible Toyota,

I saw you today texting and driving.  I saw you remain at the light after it had turned green because you were too busy texting to realize the light had changed.  I saw you start to drift over into the left-hand lane when you were looking down reading a text. I saw that you spent the bulk of the time you were driving behind me either reading texts or actively texting.

I continued to watch you because I was afraid – afraid for me, afraid for other drivers, and afraid for you.  You seemed to be oblivious of the risk you were creating for yourself and those around you. 

I respectfully request that you do me a favor before you get back in that cute little car of yours and drive again.  It will take less than ten minutes of your time.  The favor – just watch these short YouTube videos linked here , here, and here.  And when you are done with those watch the texting while driving simulator video so you can understand what your driving was like when you were texting.

I am sure you have a family and friends who love and adore you.  I really hope you’ll place enough value on yourself and the love and adoration others have for you to never text and drive again.  Please place more value on your life and the lives of others than on a text.


The lady in the black Tiburon who was in front of you today

Day one thousand one hundred and fifty-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    Many thanks for keeping this issue in front of all drivers. When the offenders are called on their behavior as individuals, one would think it has to sink in eventually.
    I still cannot fathom how anyone can be so totally dense as to not realize how dangerous this practice is! Can’t they be sent to Dumb-ass jail instead of just paying a fine?

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