Muskrats And Showers…

There is a great A.P. story today about an entrepreneurial teen named Evan Jensen in The Forum.  Evan, who is all of 18 and just graduated from high school in May, conceived, started, has been running, and is now ready to sell his first business.  The business, a mobile shower facility called Better Showers, is located in a busy area in the oil patch where shower facilities are anything but a dime a dozen.

Evan invested $15,000 in this venture that he earned from selling muskrats for two years at $10 a piece.  That is 1,500 muskrats! Who knew muskrat fur was in such high demand?   Apparently, Evan knew and with a committed work ethic was able to capitalize on it.

He went from muskrats to portable showers, a step up I’d say, even though he still makes the same amount for the showers as he did the muskrats – $10 a shower (towels and washcloths are $1 extra, but the soap is free).  Evan saw a need in the oil patch and he rose to the opportunity with an idea that while simple, was incredibly insightful.

Evan has now listed his business on Craig’s List as he is headed off to college to study music.  He  will attend the McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, Minnesota.  He’ll use the money from the sale of his business to help fund his studies.

I will be keeping an eye out for news of Evan’s future ventures.  Something tells me that the muskrats and showers are just the beginning of Evan’s story…I smell a business tycoon in the making.  It is folks like Evan – folks who see opportunities and go out and work to bring to life their ideas – that are the great innovators in the world.  We don’t typically learn about their path until after they have changed the world with a product or service that changes the way we live or do business.  Only then do we look back at the innovator’s beginnings, only then do we note the signs that were there all along.

Meet Evan Jensen at 18.  I cannot wait to hear about the things he will do before he’s 30.  I do believe they will be great things…things that folks will look at and say, “Imagine…it all started with muskrats and showers…who would have thunk?”  I would have; indeed, I do…keep an eye on this kid, he is going places! 😉

Day one thousand one hundred and fifty-six of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    I LOVE stories like this! The enthusiasm and energy in people like Evan are almost contagious to those who know or hear about them. Sure makes for a more exciting environment than the go-nowhere, solve-nothing complainers.

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