Capital Gains

I am in a tizzy this week over capital gains.  If you are unfamiliar with capital gains, it is that moment when you step on the scale, look at your weight and spontaneously gasp, “OMG-WTF??!!”  Those are the capitals that go with gains that go beyond the typical five pound weight fluctuation that many women spend their lives moving in and out of – gains that cannot be cast off in a couple of weeks with minimum effort.

Well, thank you perimenopause for yet another thing to contend with – weight gain that doesn’t want to go gently into the good night. Oh, the joy of it all.

Now I have capital gains and have had to pay capital gain taxes.  I had to buy some new clothes to go with my new perimenopause capital gains – bigger clothes; hence, the taxes on my gains.  No one likes paying taxes, but this kind of tax adds insult to injury.

Now I need to make some changes and focus a lot more energy on losing my gains.  Too bad those hot flashes that come along with perimenopause don’t work to sweat off the weight that it also brings.  I am over the whole perimenopause adventure, but apparently it isn’t quite done with me.

And there you have the source of my tizzy.  But make no mistake, I have no intention of paying any future capital gains taxes – I am going to actively seek a loss.  Perimenopause can deliver many changes that I can do little about, but this is not one of them.  I may need to work twice as hard to accomplish half the results, but that is okay as there are some things I simply cannot live with…more taxes is one of them. 😉

One thousand one hundred and fifty-nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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