Pin-up Boys?

If you ask me I will freely admit that I am a fan of calendars that feature scantily clad muscular men.  I am a pig, or a piglet if you prefer to make the term seem more fitting of a girl.  My friends all know this about me.  As such they regularly send me random photos of calendar worthy men.

Photos like this one which was posted on my Facebook page and causes me to smell smoke every time I see it.  Of course they never show up half dressed like that, which is why I need the calendars (I have this all rationalized in my depraved little mind).  After this photo was posted, a comment was made that the firefighters in Fargo don’t look like these fellas.  Well, I have seen some pretty cute firefighters in Fargo, not half undressed, but cute in their little fireman t-shirts. The comment disparaging the hotness of Fargo firefighters got me to thinking that I should see if I could disprove the comment by digging up some photos of Fargo firefighters.  I felt that I should attempt to defend our local buff boys’ honor.  I thought surely there must be some photos of the firefighters doing something sexy on the Fargo Fire Department’s website.

The page banner features two young attractive male firefighters, so I smugly concluded right away that I was going to hit pay dirt in my quest to acquire photos of attractive male Fargo firefighters. First I searched on the photo album page, but most everything on that page was either equipment or photos of firefighters actually fighting fire.  That wasn’t at all what I was looking for and I was just about to give up when across the top of the page I saw a tab titled Calendar.

Be still my beating heart – the Fargo Fire Department has a calendar and I never knew about it??!!  I was incredibly excited and it was with utmost anticipation that I clicked on the tab.

What a disappointment that was. The calendar tab merely links to the City of Fargo’s calendar that has a running list of dates and not a single photo of scantily clad muscular male firefighters.  I felt like I was duped.

It appears that I will not be able to defend the honor of Fargo’s firefighters after all…that is unless they want to send me photos directly to help make the case.  I am more than willing to carry the torch in defense of their honor.  Listen up Fargo firefighters – here is your opportunity to represent Fargo in a whole new way…it is time to show the world what you are made of. 😉

Day one thousand one hundred and sixty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C