I saw a story on television the other night about a woman who acted as a surrogate for her daughter and her son-in-law.  The woman was 61 years old.   61 and pregnant – wow, what a great mama.  You know she loves her daughter – being a surrogate at age 61 doesn’t just say I love you – it SCREAMS it!

Can you imagine the looks the mama received from random folks who couldn’t quite wrap their mind around what was going on with her and her protruding belly?  It must have been difficult to take at times.  Having a baby at 61 as a surrogate for one’s child is not an common event.

Ah, but the things we will do for our children.  The mama who carried her daughter and son-in-law’s baby to term was lucky to be in great health and hence was able to make it through another pregnancy relatively unscathed.  I say relatively because even in the best case scenario pregnancy is not a day in the park.

It must have been terribly gratifying though to the mama to be able to help them with their fervent wish to have a child.  There is so much pain in life that you cannot help your children with – pain that you would willing take yourself to protect them if only you could. Here is one for the “can-do” side of the list.

I am really impressed with the 61 year old mama.  Her love for her family now walks around outside her body in the form a toddler.  Very cool. 😉

Day one thousand one hundred and sixty-two of the new forty – obla di obla da