A Hot Boyfriend Or A Hot Flash – I’ll Take Either.

Tonight I am hoping that Mother Nature has found herself a hot boyfriend.  A boyfriend who warms the cockles of her sometimes chilly heart.  My thought is that her Romeo will help forward my fervent wish – that all my garden plots avoid the frost.

I am terribly saddened at the thought that my beautiful back garden could be dead tomorrow.  It is just too soon.  I have not had enough time in my garden lately – I just want a few more weeks with my beauties.  I don’t want to wake up to frost.

I thought at first that I could cover up all my beautiful flowers, but I quickly realized as Cheyenne and I sat out there with a stack of sheets that there was no way we were going to be able to cover them all.  Even with a dozen more sheets we would have still been lacking.  Plus we could have never covered our big patch of sunflowers – they are bigger than me and Cheyenne.

Realizing that there simply are not enough sheets to reasonably protect all my flowers  around the yard and in the backyard garden really brought home how much love my family put into our garden efforts this year.  And it was all so very worth it.  I am going to miss my flowers.  I must admit, I tear up a bit at the thought of it being gone.

I am miffed that my labyrinthitis episode, travel, and other commitments kept me out of the garden too much.  I am frustrated that the days of finding joy in my flowers will soon be over.  But I am hopeful that Mother Nature will find it in her heart to hold the frost back for a few more weeks…just a few more weeks for me to experience the peace I have found in my garden.  Just a few more blooms to brighten up the landscape before we enter what promises to be a long winter.

The back garden in late July 

I will say a little prayer to the powers that be – a prayer for a temperate September night and an early morning without frost.  A prayer that involves keeping Mother Nature preoccupied with her boyfriend…or having a hot flash…whichever works.  😉

Day one thousand one hundred and sixty-nine of the new forty

Ms. C


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  1. B-Dubya

    Such a beautiful garden! I’m assuming that you took a lot of pictures over the summer… and will also be praying for its survival for as long as possible.

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