What Could Have Been…

The NDSU family lost a member Sunday morning.  Colby Jacob Anderson, a freshman at NDSU and all of 18, was killed when he was struck by a train.  Apparently a group of four attempted to cross the tracks at 3 AM on Sunday near 12th Avenue and Dakota Drive and Colby didn’t make it.  It has been stated by police that they think alcohol may have been involved and if that is the case they will be investigating how an 18 year old acquired alcohol.

I hate stories like this. It pains me to hear about young people dying senselessly.  Colby was just at the beginning of his adult life and with one unfortunate decision he is gone.  Of course we do not know for sure at this time what that unfortunate decision was.  It could have been as the police suspect – the group of four was intoxicated.  It could have been a misjudgment while fooling around.  It could have just been just a simple lack of awareness.  It could have been many things that caused Colby to try and cross those tracks Sunday morning…we may never know for sure what it was.

The only thing we know for sure at this point is that we will never know now what Colby’s future could have been.  All Colby’s “could have beens” ended with that one unfortunate decision.

I sincerely hope that from this tragedy others will think twice about their decisions.  I hope they will think twice about the choices they make with substances such as alcohol.  I hope they will think twice about the risks they take.  I hope they will think twice about the costs their decisions carry for those who care about them.  I hope they will think twice about  how quickly everything can change with one unfortunate decision.  Perhaps if they think twice they won’t make that one unfortunate decision.

My condolences to Colby’s friends and family during this very difficult time.  I know they will spend their lives thinking what could have been and wishing that what is could have been different.  Alas, it won’t ever be anything other than what it is today – a tragic loss that didn’t have to be.

Day one thousand one hundred and seventy-six of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C