Oops! I Did It Again…

I say I work well under pressure and after saying it enough times and other folks witnessing it, they too now say I work well under pressure.  But I have to tell you folks, the truth is I don’t work well under pressure.  I work under pressure and I typically get the job done, but I do not work well under pressure.  To say one works well under pressure denotes that they are somewhat successful at it.  I am not successful in this arena.

At best I would attribute my work under pressure to be a Hail Mary effort.  And darn it to heck  – I sure do pray a lot, but I never seem to learn.  After every single Hail Mary effort I tell myself that I will never do that again.  And then I do it again and tell myself even more sternly that I will never do that again.  And yes, you guessed it – then I do it again.

I am fed up with me on this front.  Recently I have started humming the infamous line from the Brittney Spears tune – Oops! I did it again…  – in a continuous loop as I work on these ridiculous deadline projects.  Try and envision the image – me in a mad rush using every once of brain power I have, staring determinedly at the computer screen, pounding out my incredibly speedy 12 words a minute, while humming the same line of Brittney over and over again.  The image is troubling isn’t it?  I know it is.

They say the first step in recovery is acknowledging you have a problem.  I hope that means I am on my way, but I can’t help but feel I am but one deadline away from another Brittney moment.  Bring over that nice white jacket with the straps please. 😉

One thousand one hundred and seventy-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. I work well under pressure in fact that is where I “used to shine” but I am getting tired of working under pressure. When you do your best to STOP a pressure moment and when you explain it to someone and they exagerate it, it comes a point in time where you just give up.
    Co worker put boss man ahead of himself today, so I hear the boss man talk about it, and I explain he put himself ahead of you, he had things that needed to be dealt with, and he put his boss ahead of him, and I tried to explain that to boss man, and he flipped out and jumped all over co worker. So my intentions lead to bad feelings.

    Hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil, and when you try to smooth things over, dont bother trying, it will backfire in your face.

    When you hear a bully and hear someone that put the bully ahead of himself, just ignore it. And when you hear a bully say, “I cant stand bullies” you just know its bullshit……….

    My Dad always says, “live and let live”

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