Petunia Balls…

It occurred to me at about 6:30 AM this morning that if one must be up and about at such an ungodly hour they should at least have their landscape punctuated with petunia balls.  That is about the only way 6:30 AM in the morning can be made palatable at the Minneapolis airport. Thank goodness the petunia balls are still out beautifying the airport, otherwise my time on the moving walkway would have been just another mindless exercise in trudging through the airport.

I love the petunia balls.  They are massive explosions of color that energize an otherwise mundane landscape.  The petunia balls aren’t technically balls though. They are huge hanging planters that each proudly display hundreds of blooming petunias.  the way they are trimmed (or trained to grow) they look like giant flower balls.

I didn’t expect to see them this trip.  I thought they had likely been taken down for the season given the colder mornings we have been having, but to my delight they were not. I was comforted by their presence. The Minneapolis airport is eerily empty at such an early hour and it was nice to feel that I wasn’t alone.

I think my house needs some petunia balls – not big ones like the airport has, but smaller versions.  Perhaps a few petunia balls positioned strategically where I can see them every morning would help me become a better morning person.   Or not.  Well, at the least they’ll beautify the yard.  That is good enough for me. 😉

Day one thousand one hundred and seventy-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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