The Kinder, Gentler Airport…

When I travel to Emmitsburg alone, I fly into the Harrisburg airport instead of BWI.  The reason I do that is because the navigation from Harrisburg to Emmitsburg is much less complicated and the drive is more scenic.  I am not the biggest fan of driving in strange places to begin with and when you add navigating out of the Baltimore area to the discussion – forget it, I’m toast.  I am happy to travel with others from BWI and split the cost of the rental car, but I won’t drive from there.

Harrisburg airport is small and quiet – like Fargo.  They have rocking chairs on the upper level that you can relax in.  It is downright cozy.   The drive from Harrisburg is relaxing and simple. That is just my speed.  Every time I travel that route I am reminded of how much I like Pennsylvania.

There is only one problem with traveling to and from the Harrisburg airport – small airports have less flights…less flights means less options.  As it is flying into Harrisburg to or from Fargo is three flights in either direction.  I am okay with the three flights, but what kills me is the limited number of options there are for me to get in and out of Harrisburg.  You basically have two a couple of shots at it each day and if you miss those you better settle into a rocking chair as you will be there awhile.

I must admit though – given the choice of having to get stuck in an airport somewhere I would choose Harrisburg in a minute.  It is a kinder, gentler airport.  It is a rare peaceful place in the air travel universe.

If you travel to this part of the country, give yourself a treat and fly into Harrisburg.  You’ll be amazed at how much more relaxed you are there as opposed to other airports.  And if you have any residual stress, spend some time in one of the rocking chairs.  Trust me, it’s what the doctor ordered. 😉
One thousand one hundred and seventy-nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. stormchaser

    I honestly don’t blame you for not wanting to fly into Baltimore. The traffic there is just insane. I swear, just by driving through there when we moved out here, we were risking life and limb.

  2. B-Dubya

    So good to hear about places that spend time and space to also serve the soul–rather than totally focussing on the wallet! Thank you!

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