Is That What Happened To Jimmy Hoffa?

I have heard many times that folks who were killed by the mob were said to be swimming with the fishes.  After reading a story out of Coquille, Oregon about a farmer who was apparently eaten by his hogs, I have a new theory on what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.  Forget about swimming with the fishes, I think he was digested by the hogs.

Those hogs – they are a dangerous lot.  Exhibit A:  Terry Vance Garner, a 69  year old Oregon farmer, who failed to return from feeding the hogs last Wednesday.  Apparently, Garner’s dentures and some pieces of his body were found in the hog enclosure a few hours later, but most of his remains had already been consumed.

To be fair, it cannot be said for sure that the hogs attacked, killed, and then ate this poor man.  He could have had a medical emergency that incapacitated him or there could have been foul play.  But one thing is for sure, those beasts ate him.

Years ago someone cautioned me about how dangerous hogs can be in regard to small children.  The fear is that a small chid looks awfully edible to a large hungry hog.  That singular caution left a huge imprint.  I have since cast a leary eye upon hogs.

Now we have verifiable proof that a group of hogs ate a poor man who had loved and cared for them.  A very sad and troubling story indeed.  Alas, now we know, if you want to get rid of a body the hog pen is the place.  Which brings me back to Jimmy Hoffa…yes, I do believe I have discovered why his body will never be found.  I think he was fed to a pen of hungry hogs.

My condolences to Mr. Garner’s family.  They must be despaired over his loss and horrified that the hogs ate him.  I cannot imagine how one can ever wipe that from their mind.

Day one thousand one hundred and one eighty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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