Pull Over People!

I am not a fan of distracted driving.  It is dangerous.  Taking one’s attention of the road for even a few seconds can result in injury and death.  I am against all distracted driving, but most of my focus has been on texting – until now.  Now, based on information I recently learned I feel obliged to remind folks that having sex while driving is distracting; therefore, DO NOT HAVE SEX WHILE DRIVING.

I have to say this having read an article about a 24 year old man from Minnesota, Mark Anders Chalin, who killed two women because he was having sex while driving.  One of the women that died was the young woman he was having sex with and the other was a 35 year old mother of four.  He will serve a four year prison term for criminal vehicular manslaughter.   What a terrible shame – all so someone can get some satisfaction.

I know folks often fool around in cars, but for criminy sake if you want to have sex while driving – pull over people!  Let’s face it, sex while driving even when the person isn’t straddling you (Chalin was being straddled) is a recipe for disaster.  Sex is, at the least, fairly distracting and at its culmination it is hopefully a complete and utter distraction (and if it isn’t, you are not doing it right).

There are some things that should go without saying, but clearly some folks need to be told that sex while driving is a no-no.  Perhaps it needs to be a question on the DMV’s driving test.  If it had been, perhaps those two women would be alive today.

Seriously people, pay attention to the road.  Your momentary satisfaction is not worth injuring or killing someone.  Nothing quite ruins the mood like a coroner’s van.

Day one thousand one hundred and eighty-six of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C