My Scavenger Hunt…

Mark Twain said, “Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.”  I hear ya’ Mr. Twain.   I used to have a mind…a fairly fabulous mind that I used to its full capacity more often that not.  But that fairly fabulous mind seems to be missing in action these days.

It all started with random incidents of misplacing my mental capacity in busy times.  It was akin to misplacing my keys, if I stopped scavenging around and searching aimlessly I could usually focus long enough to find them.  But then came perimenopause – the ultimate black hole – and my fairly fabulous mind has been lost ever since.  Names, my vocabulary, my attention span, and my ability to form semi-intelligent sentences have all fallen into a deep, dark crevice that leaves me bumbling around.

I hear that I will find my mind again in time, but in the short term I will continue to miss it terribly.  In the meantime, I will plod along scavenging for it.  😉

Day one thousand one hundred and ninety-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. DNA

    what was this blog about??? all i got was blah blah blah. hey sunday is the start of season 3 for the walking dead on a and e. are you going to watch it???

  2. B-Dubya

    Speaking as one whose mind has had a mind of its own for a couple years now: You are in for some fun (?) times! Like post-it notes stuck all over the place with reminders that are often impossible to decipher. About once a month I go around & gather the no-longer-relevant ones and have a Ceremonial Burning Of The Notes, hoping that passers-by don’t conclude that I’ve joined some pagan cult. And then of course there is the establishment of RULES: Like I don’t allow myself to do anything in my checkbook unless I’m sitting down at the kitchen table. Little things like that.
    BUT there are some bright spots: Like the vocabulary thing–on Saturday a snotty Drama-Rama G’daughter tried bullying me and I quietly and firmly cut her off at the pass with a vocabulary that I’d thought was gone forever. It was awesome to see her speechless! When she left the room I grabbed the dictionary to look up obstreperous, but the confidence will surely return too–I think.
    This mental puddingness might just be your “other self” wanting to kick back and just hold the baby. And take pictures to share! 😀

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