I Like Her…I Really Like Her.

My cousin-in-law Seann turned me on to a video clip of Sally Field accepting the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) Ally for Equality Award posted on the Huffington Post.  The person presenting the award was an engaging young man named Sam Greisman.  It just so happens that Sally Field is Sam’s mom.

Sam’s introduction was both funny and touching.  It served as a testament to Sally Field’s success in helping her gay son come into his own.  Sam recognized in his introduction that not all members of the LGBT community have been as lucky as him.  Too many members of the LGBT community have experienced being rejected by members of their family.

I am sure that Sam’s introduction warmed his mother’s heart, and his mother’s speech warmed the hearts of all the other folks in the room who understand the importance of being accepted for who you are.  It was nice to see Sally Field in a role I had not seen her in before – as a real mom.   I have always liked Sally Field, but now I really like her.

I hope everyone will take 15 minutes out of their day and watch the clip of the award ceremony.  I promise it will leave you with a smile on your face and warm feeling in your heart.

One thousand one hundred and ninety-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C