Not Quite As Planned…

I had a brilliant idea a month or so back.  Well, let me qualify brilliant – brilliant by my standards…at least in that moment.  I must qualify my use of the word brilliant as I am fairly sure that many others will merely shake their heads and wonder aloud about how I was able to achieve my advanced education goals.

The basic idea was this – purchase thinner hangers to reduce closet congestion.  I have been struggling with closet challenges for quite awhile now.  My clothing occupies two full closets in this house (and my coats occupy the vast majority of the coat closet as well).  My bedroom closet is literally filled to the brim with clothes and bulging at the seams.  I actually have considered contacting the Catholic Church to have them validate the miracle that is my closet clothes bar still holding its own after years of bearing the weight of ten closet bars.

I should have realized years ago when I purchased the house in West Fargo that I would regret not having selected a home with a walk-in closet.  Instead I opted for the cul-de-sac location, the sunny kitchen, and the tri-level layout.  I rationalized that having come from an older home in Kindred with minuscule closets (folks back in the early 1900s were apparently not clothes hogs),  I would luxuriate in the closet space in West Fargo.  Alas, as all women who truly love clothes know – one grows into the amount of closet space available.

I try and go through my closet from time to time and get rid of things, but I am not one who can easily part with her clothes.  I can maybe convince myself to part with a few things here and there, but the ratio of those items leaving the closet and those items coming in is significantly distorted.

And so it came to pass that my closet was in crisis and my bright idea to help address the crisis was thinner hangers. I purchased a box of 50 of these hangers from Kohl’s online.  When they arrived at my door I felt quite smug at the level of my brilliance.  I thought, I am a superstar problem solver.

I set about to switch out some of my bulkier hangers with the 50 thin hangers.  It didn’t take long for me to start seeing some open bar space peeking through.  My smug little smile grew.  Wasn’t I oh-so-clever?  Perhaps I should start an organizing blog I mused to my inner self.

But somewhere around the 40th thin hanger I noticed something that I had not considered – the bulk of the clothes did not change just because the hangers became thinner.  Sure, more rod space was available – but everything below the rod was stuffed like sardines in a can.  There was a fatal flaw in my logic…the closet intervention did not go quite as planned.  I was not as brilliant as I had originally thought.

Here is where the situation stands today – thinner hangers, a closet that is packed to the brim, and a face that is absent a smug smirk.  I am still considering calling the Catholic Church though – I may not be brilliant, but I know a miracle when I see it. 😉

Day one thousand two hundred and one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. OH I CAN RELATE!!! And just wait until you are as old as I am and still fighting this battle!! AND you totally forgot shoes and boots, Hope you find a solution as I never did.

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