Here’s A Thought – Let’s Go Dollar For Dollar.

Every single day for the past couple of weeks I have received numerous big color glossy political advertisements in the mail.  Yesterday, I received eight from an assortment of folks promoting both republicans and democrats running in North Dakota-based elections.  I estimate that over the past two weeks I have received more than 50 of these advertisements.  That is about 50 too many for my taste.

I believe I likely receive more than most because both parties believe I am in their target audience.  I have engaged with both sides of the fence on issues regarding veterans and as such they have equated that engagement with interest in their party’s agenda.  I understand that and where veteran issues are concerned, I am interested in both parties’ agendas.

But let me be clear, in regard to the endless mud-slinging – I am interested in neither party’s allegations.  I also really resent the amount of money that is being wasted on political campaigns both here in North Dakota and across the country on campaign ads, fliers, etc.  I throw those big color glossy advertisements directly in the trash.  I fast forward through political ads on television.  I am tired of being bombarded – my patience for the politics of the 21st century has expired and my irritation at the money wasted is starting to enrage me.

There are real problems in communities in this country.  Folks are struggling.  What we don’t need in this country is exactly what we are getting – a bunch of rhetoric from politicians and political parties who are spending millions trying to get into an office where they will fight amongst each other, name call, and generally stall any relief that could be helpful to the folks that need it.   I am tired of the whole affair.

If I could get even 10% of the expenditures spent on political campaigns in a presidential campaign year, I could start a foundation that could make serious strides toward addressing the issues in the country and improving the quality of life for all citizens.  10% of the absurdly bloated campaign budgets that are fueling a process that virtually no citizens feel good about – a system that has clearly veered off the tracks.  I could  fund solutions if only I had access to a small percentage of the millions invested in political campaigns.

Of course, to really argue for that – to attempt to step forward to try and promote my cause of helping the American people – I need power and to get that power I need to get out my message.  I surmise that means I will have to spend millions to campaign for others’ wasted millions.  Or, I’ll just write about it in my blog and hope that there are other Americans like me – folks who are fed up with the waste, rhetoric, and political inertia – folks who will say give us back our country and let us do what needs to be done to make it strong again.  I guess I’ll have to hope that regular people who are fed up with the state of politics will come together and rise up to say, “ENOUGH!”  I hope that the American people will at the least force the implementation of campaign spending laws that mandate that every politician who spends on ads and campaigning in a state has to contribute dollar for dollar to a state fund that can be used to address the state’s real problems.  There is a piece of legislation that can actually harness all that hot air for good. I hope that all Americans, and I do mean all Americans – especially those who feel disenfranchised and left out of a system that seems to gloss over their value to this country – will fully realize that they do have a voice in this process and can stop this absurdity.

There you have it – my pitch.  No dollars expended, but a plan of action delivered.  Now it is up to you.  Decide where you will stand – with the political machine that currently exists and is spending millions or with the folks who want to create solutions instead of more wasted money and time.  You know where I stand. 😉

Day one thousand two hundred and seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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