Travel Weary…

Travel is great fun when done in moderation. I am always fairly optimistic about business travel when it is a few months away and is a singular trip surrounded on either side of it by long periods at home. Of course that is not how it tends to end up. One lone trip sandwiched between eight weeks at home on either side essentially leaves eight weeks on each side that can be likewise committed. Often, before I know it, I am overcommitted in regard to travel and ready to be committed in regard to sanity that is suffering.

Travel is, even for the low maintenance traveler, tiring. And believe it or not – I am not a low maintenance traveler. Shocking, I know. I feel a need to have everything done before I leave home, even if that means I get no sleep the night before I fly. I want my house to be picked up, laundry done, papers graded, email answered, letters written, etc. Truly, the most productive time in my life tends to be the 24 hours before I get on a plane. Unfortunately, that often means little to no sleep the night before a flight. To add insult to injury, I often fly out of Fargo in the 5 or 6 AM hour. It is my belief that this behavior on my part coupled with the crack-of-dawn flight option are clear evidence of my insanity (in case anyone out there was of the impression that the jury was still out on this one).

After this short trip to a conference in Florida, I have no other travel planned until June…JUNE!! I am so happy to know that I will get a chance to lay low in North Dakota for awhile. Sure, I realize that come January after a couple months of snow I may be begging to get on a plane and go somewhere; but, for now I am ready for a break.

Today’s flight is a late one and I actually had a good night’s sleep last night, so this last trip for awhile should end on an up note. But even if it drags on and becomes one of “those” trips, I will remain focused on the fact that it is the last trip for a long time. Hallelujah. 😉

Day one thousand two hundred and nine of the new forty -obla di obla da

Ms. C