Damn The Trolley!!!

Here is the news from here – Mary broke her foot.  I told her to stay away from the trolley, but she wouldn’t listen.  The injury didn’t happen on the trolley, it happened shortly after she got off.  But I know it was tied to her using that trolley – that trolley has a history with me and my friends.  I am not a fan.

So now Mary is out of the game for the rest of the conference. She is on crutches and is trying to learn to navigate gracefully around our hotel room.   Damn the trolley!!!

Tomorrow is the last day of the conference and Halloween – it promises to be a long, fun day..but it won’t be as fun without Mary.  Perhaps we can get her a wheelchair so she can go out and enjoy Halloween with the gang.  We can hang a sign around her neck that says – Trolley Victim – and bedazzle the chair.  It makes sense to me – but we’ll see what Mary says.  No matter what, we will not be riding on the trolley – no way, no thanks, no apology.  The trolley is not our friend. ;-(

One thousand two hundred and twelve of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. MotherMaier

    Your photos suggest to me that “Mary” is our Burleigh County emergency manager! If so, we send her recuperative wishes from Bismarck, hoping she returns safely. And one day soon I shall take time to post a message about the enjoyment I have gotten from your blog. You must be a favorite prof on campus. GO BISON!!

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