I Sat At The Virgin Table…

Tonight I went with my niece Emilie and my daughter Sarah to see Thunder from Down Under at the Dakota Magic Casino.  Sarah purchased the tickets for Emilie’s 21st birthday and like the good aunt I am I said I would go along to help celebrate.  Sarah also gave Emilie 21 dollars so that she would be ready for her first Thunder experience.  It was also Sarah’s first Thunder experience and the two sets of sisters who sat at our table – Jen and Jess, and Julie and Missy.  I was at a table full of Thunder virgins.

I had to conduct a bit of an educational seminar as the only seasoned veteran at the table.  And it was a good thing I did that as Jess was pulled up onstage and…well…ummmm…she is definitely no longer a virgin. 😉

We screamed our fool heads off and for good reason…there was some serious yumminess going on and those boys…my, my, my – they were naughty.  As is typical in these shows, women were pulled up on stage to participate in a number of “activities” – most of which I could not begin to describe here without charging you $2.95 a minute.  I do want to give a resounding shout out to Sandra though – the unexpected, but oh-so-crazy-good fake orgasm queen who had the entire audience hysterical with laughter and on their feet cheering.  Also, kudos to Louise, a seemingly quiet, unassuming, older woman who while onstage with the cutie host who sang to her You Can Leave Your Hat On made good use of her time and hands (much to the young fella’s surprise I believe).  These shows make women just a little crazy.  There is an estrogen surge that is off the charts and the things they do to those hot, nasty boys – oh my.

Not me though…I was very polite while shoving money down their drawers; after all,  my mama taught me manners.  I do admit that I did have a moment where I may have sorta’ lost my mind – just a tad really – when they danced to Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.  It sounds so much like an invitation, doesn’t it?  Maybe even a moral imperitive. 😉

Jen and Jess

Julie and Missy

Me, Em and Sarah before the show

Em, Me and Sarah after the show 

Of course we had to have our photo taken with the boys at the show’s end.  It is a pricey little venture, but it was sooooo worth it.  Plus, we made some new friends – Jen, Jess, Julie, and Missy.  We bonded over sweaty, muscle-bound, mostly naked boys and as any girl can tell you – that is an everlasting bond.  Plus, we shared their first time together.  As for me, let’s just say it wasn’t my first foray into this arena and damn straight, it won’t be my last! 😉

One thousand two hundred and fifteen of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. JP

    Hmmmm, this gives me pause. What if this was post was written by me; taking my nephew out to a striptease show, and educating him on the etiquette of schmoozing with the dancers? What would the response be? What a cool uncle…Hey now there is a great rite of passage tale…Wow, I wish I learned about that stuff when I was 21…. Or would the morality police be arming all of the mothers with pitchforks, torches and a good hanging rope to chase me down like a dog in the streets?! Don’t get me wrong, I loved Ms. C’s story, it was quite entertaining and it totally reminds me of the larger than life lady I went to law school with so many years ago… Hey, I don’t want to be too serious, but the lawyer switch is hard to turn off and I always try to look at both sides of a story, the evidence, or the argument. Cooo coo ca choo (that’s a twist on carol’s obladeeobladaa)

  2. Stan

    I always felt I would have been a good lead off stripper. I would start almost naked and the ladies would throw money at me screaming “Put it ON!” After me all the other guys would look even better. I think I should get a straight percentage right off of the other guys tips.

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