Ms. See?

I read that Jermaine Jackson wants to change his name from Jackson to Jacksun.  The reason for this, per Jackson,  is that he loves the sun.   The pronunciation won’t change ad he will still go by Jackson professionally.  It is hard to believe that such nonsence makes the news, but it does.

I like the sun and rainbows and butterflies, but I have not considered changing my name to include any on those items.  Of course no one would even care if I did.  I’d still undoubtedly be known as “that crazy lady who writes The New Forty blog” regardless of my name.

Now if I was a member of the Jackson family, perhaps folks would be interested if I suddenly wanted to change my name.  Folks have spent decades following all the comings and goings of the Jackson clan.  No matter how outlandish the behavior, folks keep tuning in.  And let’s face it – it is tough for regular folks like us to conceive why a member of one of the best known musical families would want to distance himself from that heritage.  Well, maybe not so tough to conceive given all the craziness and drama that has surrounded the Jacksons.  But Jeremiah of all folks?  He has hardly been fading into the Jackson background all these years – he has regularly been one of the first Jacksons to step forward with a comment whenever a member of the family hits the news..  Now Jackie or Marlon I can see them seeking some distance..they have always laid back.

I guess there is some delight in reinventing oneself though – even (or perhaps, especially) if you are a Jackson.  That makes sense.  Not enough sense for it to be national news, but it must have been a very, very slow news day.

I do believe I will examine ways in which I can change my name – at least symbolically if not audibly.  Perhaps I can become Ms. See. I like to see and it sounds the same as Ms. C; albeit, it would probably be a better fit if I was a psychic.  That would amuse me to no end. 😉

Oh, no…simple folks like me just stick with the names they have and do their reinvention from the inside out.  There is little point in changing my name at this juncture…if I wanted to do that I surmise I could just get married again and take my husband’s name.  Yeah, that will happen. 😉

Day one thousand two hundred and twenty-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    Ms. See made me think about a teaching toy from years ago called a See ‘N’ Say. Whether you change your name or not, please keep doing the seeing and saying! 😀

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