God Bless My Mail Carriers. ;-)

My mail carriers in West Fargo are nice folks…they are patient folks. I say this because I shop online a lot and they are regularly traipsing up to the front door with boxes in all kinds of weather.  They never complain; indeed, they are downright pleasant.  I carry a bit of guilt about this.  Each time I order something online that ships via USPS I am reminded that my ease is my mail carrier’s burden.

Today, I found a big stack of mail order catalogs in my mailbox.  There were 15 catalogs from a variety of businesses trying to get a jump-start on Black Friday.  I don’t recall ever getting that many catalogs on the same day, but I can’t say I am entirely surprised.  I am on an awful lot of mailing lists and I literally get hundreds of catalogs a year.

I can only imagine what my mail carriers are thinking when they deliver one stack of catalogs after another.  I wonder if it ever occurs to them that to lose some of my catalogs as they make a sharp turn around a corner could potentially result in some small relief for them.  Today’s stack of catalogs was enough to give me pause, so I imagine it may have caused the poor mail carrier to reflect upon what the upcoming weeks will bring in boxes big and small.

God bless my mail carriers.  They likely do not get paid nearly enough to put up with the catalog-ordering likes of me, but they do so with a smile.  I’ll have to see if there is anything fitting in any of the catalogs I received today to reward their service and dedication…or I’ll just revert back to my favorite mail carrier gift – a gift card to the liquor store.  If there is one thing my mail carriers certainly deserve – it is a nice bottle of wine or a six pack of imported beer.  That is the kind of cheer that you can’t get from a catalog. 😉

One thousand two hundred and twenty-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Sheri

    I TOTALLY agree with you. I like getting catalogs, and feel bad for my mail carrier. I just don’t know why some on line retailers think they need to send me 2 – 3 catalogs a week with pretty much the same things in each one.
    Multiply that by the different retailers, and it’s quite a stack every day!

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