Absolute Madness…

I never cease to be amazed at the lengths retailers will go to in an effort to capture consumers’ attention and dollars.  The frenzy surrounding Black Friday sales – which has become more of a two day event that includes part of Thanksgiving – is incredible.  You would think one of the Royals was getting married or that Bon Jovi was in town for their final concert (both equally earth-shattering events in my mind).  My goodness…when did a mere sale turn into a #$@$$%^%!! SALE !!#$@$$%^%!!!!!!!!!!?  It is madness I tell you – absolute madness.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I like to shop and I love deals.  What I do not like is waiting outside in long lines, running through stores, and trying to slide into an end cap display to grab the last ultra-bargain before some less nimble person gets there.  I would rather pay more, maintain my dignity, and preserve my nerves.  Plus, I have watched this phenomenon over time and I can tell you that there tend to be similar deals after Black Friday that don’t require a store navigation and exit strategy.  Sure, they may not be exactly the same, but they are often within 5% of the Black Friday deal.

Plus, many deals are also increasingly online.  True, you have to be online at the outset of the sale (which may be some ungodly hour) and you may hit site traffic that shuts you out, but you can do all that in your pajamas with a cup of coffee and a mouse.  If you don’t win the only thing you will verbally assault is your computer…this is much better than verbally assaulting the spry grandma who just nabbed the last Wii console at $69.

I understand that some folks absolutely adore the thrill of the chase and the victory they feel when they emerge victorious.  I have done a Black Friday or two in my time – before it became a matter of strategic engagement and before I started placing more value on sleep than paying less for gifts.  Yet even when I did engage I was at best a passive Black Friday shopper – I never waited in a line outside the store for it to open and I never ran like I was on a timed game show dash.

So, don’t look for me working up a sweat sprinting across your store on Friday retailers…unless you are hosting a Royal’s wedding or Bon Jovi’s final performance and tickets are half off.   😉

Day one thousand two hundred and thirty of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C