Art – A Commentary On Life.

Kaarin Remmich drew my attention to an article in The Forum today that I wanted to share here on my blog.  The article is about a play that will be staged at the Fargo V.A. tomorrow at noon and 3 PM.  The play, called “ReEntry,” looks at the lives of soldiers both before and after war and the impact on their families.  The play is a collaboration between the great folks from Theatre B and the Department of Veteran Affairs, Fargo V.A. Health System.

ReEntry is a six-person play that utilized interviews with Marines and their families to create a dialogue.  According to the play’s director, Brad Delzer,  “the production poses broader questions to the audience, like what is the new normal and what is lost and gained in service?”

I want to applaud this effort by the folks at Theatre B, the V.A., and the acting and production ensemble.  This is what I think art is at its best – a commentary on life.  It is an opportunity to see through a lens that we rarely take enough time to reflect upon, and as we watch it unfold we are drawn into the story.   Such stories affect us so dramatically because they are laced with the reality of being human with all its glory and foibles.

It is hard for me to imagine a play more compelling than one about the realities of the effects war has on soldiers and their families.  Even as I have lived it and know it to be the reality of so many other soldiers and their families – I still want to connect with the play that allows me to sit back and experience it as outside observer with inside knowledge.

I have to teach class at 12:30 PM and again at 5 PM tomorrow, but come 3 PM you know where I will be – absorbing the commentary on life that can be taken away from the performances in ReEntry.  I hope you’ll be there too. 😉

Day one thousand two hundred and thirty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C