Feral Swine…

Today in the paper I say the following headline for an AP article:

North Dakotans urged to report wild pig sightings

Oh my…feral swine.  How many possible directions can I go with that information?  I could talk about a boy I dated in law school who was a total pig and delightfully wild. I could lament how the headline made me feel like I was suddenly in Arkansas in bib overalls. I could query how one tells a wild pig from a domestic pig gone bad.  I could try and craft a few quick comebacks for the inevitable comments I will get from my friends in California who equate North Dakota with Mayberry.  I could wonder aloud whether wild pig bacon tastes gamy.  I could remind folks about the farmer who was eaten by his domestic pigs.  I could make cracks about “Pigs Gone Wild!” as a perverse interpretation of those lovely and infamous “Girls Gone Wild!” movies.  I could reinterpret the “this little piggy…” nursery rhyme.

Oh yes, I could go on and on about feral swine…it is just too delicious a story to ignore.  But in reality, the wild pigs are pretty serious stuff.  According to the article:

“Wild pigs…can carry diseases that threaten domestic pigs and other livestock, State Veterinarian Susan Keller said. They also compete with native wildlife for food and destroy habitat, according to Jeb Williams, assistant wildlife chief for the state Game and Fish Department.”

That sounds like some bad pig mojo…and nothing to joke about.  I am glad I didn’t write about all those things I could have written about.  Now I can move on with a clear conscience, but I must confess – I am craving bacon like crazy. Perhaps I am a feral swine eater…put out an alert. 😉

Day one thousand two hundred and thirty-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Tim Riecker

    we’re just starting to get them here in upstate New York. They are quite dangerous for people and for other animals. As a hunter, I’m quite excited – pig=bacon!!!

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