You Light Up My Life…

I love seeing all the lights on the trees and the houses this time of year.   I particularly love the Elmwood Park area on 13th Avenue with the lights on the trees.  Every year the West Fargo Park District does a little more than they did the year before and every year I am thrilled to see the newest additions.

It is beautiful to see the lights on the big evergreens in the park – they are both majestic and simple and they create a dramatic contrast to the dark, still night.  I smile every time I see them.  Those little lights bring me a lot of joy.

Ever since the first year I saw the trees lit up in Elmwood Park , I have wished that I had big evergreens in my yard that I too could decorate with lights.  This past summer I planted two little evergreens in the back yard.  Well, that isn’t exactly correct – I purchased two evergreens, pointed to where I wanted them, and Mike dug the hole and planted them – more accurately, I was the genesis of two evergreens being planted in the yard.  Some day they will get big enough to have lights on them.  It will likely take decades for them to get even half the size of the park’s evergreens, but that is okay.  I am patient and I know that every holiday season the West Fargo Park District will continue to decorate Elmwood Park and I will be able to enjoy the beauty they create.

When the day comes that my two little evergreens get big enough to be properly festooned I will have to have some sort of official tree lighting ceremony and invite all the park folks who are behind the holiday decor at Elmwood Park.   They are, after all, the folks who instilled the love of the decorated evergreens in me.  It just seems right that they should be there to feel the love come full circle.

If you are down on 13th Avenue this year  heading toward the fairgrounds, check out Elmwood Park.  The displays are simple, but charming…perfect for North Dakota I think. Well, they are perfect for me – thank you West Fargo Park District for lighting up my life. 😉

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