I have been sick the past handful days with something that is between a cold and the flu – I call it the “Clu“. My theory is that Mike was patient zero and he infected our household and then we unwittingly affected Sarah’s household and Noah. Now seven people in the family have the Clu. The unsettling part is that Mike who started it all over a week ago still has it – not good news for the least patient sick person in America (a.k.a. me).

Due to my ill state I decided to order groceries from Cashwise today so they could be delivered to the house. You would think you would be immune to impulse buying groceries at an online grocery store, but I think some odd psychology goes on with the thousands of potential items available at a single click. I always seem to buy more than I should.

It was in my shopping expedition at Cashwise that I ran across a Lean Cuisine entree that gave me pause. Here is the item.

Lean Cuisine–Fajita-Style Chicken Spring Rolls

Huh??  Aren’t fajitas Mexican fare and spring rolls Asian fare?  What compelled Lean Cuisine to marry Mexican and Chinese cuisine?   Note I am not saying I disapprove of this marriage – indeed it looks tasty – I am just curious about the need to tie it to both Mexican and Chinese food.  Truth be told, they look like flautas to me – which is squarely Mexican.

Perhaps Lean Cuisine was trying to create a new category for ethnic food choices – Mexinese.  I imagine that after awhile it is difficult to come up with new entree selections.  Perhaps one of the company’s bright and shiny marketing people was able to successfully pitch that Mexinese was the next frontier…perhaps this is the forefront of the Mexinese movement.

What’s next Lean Cuisine?  Sweet and sour menudo?  Taco chow mein?  General Tso’s burrito?  I can ‘t wait to see how this unfolds.  Perhaps this is the best new thing in frozen food offerings.   Or perhaps they’ll rethink the name and change it to chicken flautas if no one buys them.   Call them what you will  – they do look good – maybe that really is all that matters. 😉

Day one thousand two hundred and forty of the new forty -obla di obla da

Ms. C


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  1. Barbara

    Since you were able to actually look at food, I’m assuming (and hoping) that you’re now clu-less 😉 Being a Word Person, I think I’m going to page back through the NewForty pages and compile a Ms. C Dictionary. I think it would be at least as helpful as Webster’s or Funk & Wagnall’s–and a lot more fun!

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