The Urge To Purge…

I have been feeling the urge to purge lately. I think it may have something to do with watching too much HGTV.  Almost all the homes on those shows look clean, organized, and above all else – minimalistic.  Living and cleaning seems easy in those homes.   Folks have a few choice things they love around and they are not burdened by tons of “stuff”.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my stuff – the whole motley collection of it.  The problem is I yearn for simplicity and simplicity in a home means less “stuff”.  I think this means I will need to let some things go…things I think I need…things I think I cannot live without…things that I have amassed over decades…things that I think have come to weigh me down.

It occurs to me there should be a process by which I accomplish this feat.  It does not have to happen all at once, but it must be constant and methodical.  Perhaps I should just devote a certain amount of time each day to purging, or commit to a certain room each week – some plan that would not overwhelm me, but that would start the purging process in earnest.

The real challenge will be when I arrive at the black hole of “stuff” collection – the large storage area in the basement that runs under the kitchen and stairs. That area was emptied – twice – when I had the two sump pump failures in late 2010 and early 2011.  Unfortunately, since then it has become the one-stop shop for not only storage of all things seasonal, but also has become a purgatory for “stuff”.  It holds all the half-committed purging I completed in the past – the purges that left my main line of vision, but that I couldn’t quite commit to giving to Dakota Boy’s Ranch.  It is packed with things that I have not been able to part with – some for all the right reasons and others for heaven only knows what reasons.

But now, I am thinking as I look around my small little house that has reached its max capacity that I am of exactly the right mind to let things go.  I read an article awhile back that hypothesized that folks are more likely to let things go if they can sell them and get some money out of them.  I can understand that, but I think I am an exception to that rule.  To sell this stuff I would have to put in time and effort that I don’t have; and, even if I did make the time and invested the effort – how much money are we talking anyway – a few hundred dollars?  No, I cannot see the utility in that.  Better to donate the items and take it as a tax deduction and avoid any additional stress.

But first, I have to commit to letting things go and to do that I will need a purging plan.  I think I will commit two hours a week, every week in December to purging.  Hopefully, by the end of the month I will have purged all the rooms of unnecessary items and have started my descent into the black hole.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to start the new year with less “stuff” and a clean, uncluttered slate?  Ah, the peacefulness I feel at the prospect of it is profound – how very telling.

And there you have it – my plan to address my urge to purge – two hours a week every week until I can purge no more.  I will begin tonight with some assorted items in the kitchen and dining room and maybe I will even descend upon the living room.  I will leave more difficult projects – like my clothes closets – for mornings when my momentum is at its high-end.  But purge I will – onward and to the curb!  Well, more accurately to the car trunk for delivery to the Boy’s Ranch down the street, but the curb just sounded more super-charged; and, let’s face it – purging requires exactly the right attitude.  😉

Day one thousand two hundred and forty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. MIKI

    Do you ever watch the couple of hoarding shows (one on A&E, the other on TLC)? They give me a lot of inspiration and impetus to get rid of stuff. I am so tired of our clutter…we just have too much stuff! I try to find someone who can make use of an item or I will just throw stuff away. In the past, I have boxed up stuff for a rummage sale, but all that really happens is that the boxes sit around waiting until I find a friend that I can do a rummage sale with, and that’s only if I have time to make sure the stuff gets cleaned and priced. Too much bother! So good luck with your purging…it can be very emotionally freeing!

  2. katherine

    We wish you a purged Christmas, we wish you a purged Christmas, we wish you a purged Christmas and a happy purged new year!

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