Are You A Try-hard?

The other day Cheyenne was telling me a story about a group she was working with at school and said about one of the group members, “She’s a tri-hard.”  I laughed out loud when I heard it and told her that I think she meant to say die-hard.  To that she replied, “No, I meant tri-hard. I don’t even know what die-hard means.”   I was just to about to ask where she had been during all the Die Hard movie iterations when I realized that most of them were made before she was even born.  The nine lives of John McClaine (a.k.a. Bruce Willis) are a complete mystery to the girl; so, I dialed down my response and merely explained defined what a die-hard is.

Cheyenne then explained to me that a tri-hard is different.  A tri-hard, she explained, is someone who tries too hard – an overachiever.  It was then that I understood that she meant a try-hard.  I told Cheyenne I had never heard that term.  This did not surprise Cheyenne.  She said, “That’s because it’s our thing – you to old to know that.”

I declared aloud that I was going to write about this new word – try-hard.  This elicited a deep moan,  an expression of complete exasperation, and the comment, “You can’t write about our word.”  When I queried why the word was off limits I got the standard response I get nine times out of ten from Cheyenne when it comes to blog topics: “Mom, you don’t need to write about everything in your blog!”

My response to Cheyenne went like this: “True…I don’t have to write about everything in my blog, but some things I just feel compelled to write about.  Maybe I’m a try-hard.”

My creative response pleased me to no end, but Cheyenne didn’t even crack a grin.  There was a moment there when I could see she contemplated carrying the discussion forward, but it quickly passed and she rolled her eyes in resignation.  The older she gets the more she realizes that there are some things that one should just let go, especially if it has to do with her wacky mother.  Of course, there is no telling what word she will create to capture my characteristics…but if I find out, there is one thing I can tell you for sure –  I’ll write about it my blog. 😉

Day one thousand two hundred and forty-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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