Horrible Inequities…

Three West Fargo students died over the past three days.  Three families lost beloved children, students lost friends, and the community lost its sense of serenity.  Whenever a young person dies there is a sense that something in the universe has gone horribly awry.  There is something so difficult to absorb about a young person leaving this world before they have had a chance to live a full life.  In our collective sense of how the world should be such a loss presents itself as a horrible inequity.

But children die every day and the horrible inequity becomes an enduring reality that family and friends must live with.  It is said that when a parent dies, you lose your past; and, when a child dies you lose your future.  I can see how that would ring true.  Parents’ lives are forever intertwined with their children’s lives.  There is a tacit understanding that the journey is a lifetime commitment for parents and that the commitment will only end when the parents leave this earth.  That is how it should be – that should be the compact with the universe – that you can hold them tight until the end of your days.  And yet these horrible inequities occur and young souls are stripped away from us.

There are no words that I can offer the friends and families of the three students that can provide the support I wish I could give them.  There are no words that can ease their loss as they consider the future they have lost.  There are no words that can erase their new normal.  The only thing I can offer is prayer in the hope that God’s grace will lift them up and give them some peace…that they will eventually find their way beyond the grief.

Rest in peace Tessa, Ian, and Levi…may you dance amongst the angels.

Day one thousand two hundred and forty-nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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