Hearing Is Believing…

You may recall the story of Byron David Smith, the 64 year old man from Little Falls, Minnesota who shot and killed the two teen intruders who broke into his home on Thanksgiving DaySmith’s statement to the police was quite chilling.  The general thought by prosecutors was that the incident went far beyond self-defense.

Since the incident, the teen intruders’ character has been called into question.  Why did they break in?  What were they looking for?  Had they broken into Smith’s home in the past?  So many questions and not enough answers. The teens’ funerals were held a couple of weeks back and then the story dropped off the front pages of local newspapers.

Smith’s bail hearing brought it all back this week as prosecutors argued for a higher bail amount pointing to the details contained in the audio recording of the incident.  Yes, that is correct – the audio recording of the incident. Smith audio recorded the whole thing and apparently hearing all the things that happened and that were said is even more disturbing than just reading Smith’s account of the events.   Prosecutors asserted that on the audio recording Smith can be heard telling Haile Kifer, the 18 year old female who was shot, “You’re dying.”  Then he shot her again.

The court didn’t raise the bail amount. Smith posted $50,000, handed over his passport and guns, and walked out of jail today.  That will probably be the last we hear about Smith for awhile – likely until his trial.   I am fine with that.  Heaven knows we’ll all hear more than we are comfortable hearing when the trial begins and the audio recordings are played in court.

There is one thing I will be listening intently for when that trial rolls around though – Smith’s rationale for recording the events.  I find that behavior disturbingly peculiar and a bit damning in regard to Smith’s intent.  I can see where that recording may be Smith’s ultimate undoing.   But what do I know?  It is said that you can’t believe everything you hear…or can you?

Day one thousand two hundred and sixty of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Dena

    The incident and events of this whole deal is sad and tragic. I am the mother of Cody Kasper. Nick was my sons best friend and schoolmate, who stayed with us off and on for the past year, the boys were inseparable. Its frustrating and disappointing to find out what these boys were up to and that it went on right under our noses. Cody and Nick both had/have amazing personalities and were very popular amongst their schoolmates. It took a turn for the worst that Nov day. The boys around the house were willing to help with chores when asked, they followed the rules and always seemed to have a project going on from muscle building, working on their four wheelers, putting in car stereos to making their own puppy chow(made with crispix & powdered sugar). They would work with local tree trimmers or did lawns once in a while to earn spending money to go to “nightstorm” or rent new video games. I cant believe the attorneys are even trying to build a defense case for this killer, he had an opportunity to make it a learning experience for these kids and yet chose to take both their lives.

  2. Fred

    This whole story stinks to high heaven.

    The first teen goes down stairs – and three to four rifle shots ring out in a basement?

    And then the second teen – minutes later – follows down the stairs?

    This is preposterous. The second teen would have head for the hills at the sound of the first shot.

    The truth will come out.

  3. Keri Rotzien

    I agree with Fred. I said that from the very beginning. I cannot imagine someone following the gunshots. Especially if they were up to no good. ( which I dont believe they could of been up to “THAT” much no good) Those kid were murdered. Straight up. And then not to call the authorities AT ALL. The frickin’ neighbor calls…the next day. Unbelievable!!!! Hope he gets what he has coming to him. What a puke

  4. Yes, it is sad two kids are dead and the shooter will probably go to prison. When you decide to break in to peoples homes you put yourself at risk. This was not the first time. What were they doing on Thankgsgiving Day out burglarizing homes instead of home with family? Even an aunt of the girl was quoted in an article saying the girl had stolen prescription drugs from her more than once. Something had gone very wrong in these kids’ lives and I would bet they had drug problems and were stealing to fund it.

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