My Peter…

I had a “smack me up the side of my head” realization when I watched the finale of The Voice the other day It came when one of my favorite yummy boys from back in the day – Peter Frampton – appeared on the show.  I had not seen Peter for decades, but I remembered him well.  Those golden curls, that unbuttoned shirt showing bare chest, and that wildly sexy vulnerable rock star look – yum, yum, triple yum!   I was never much for the whole groupie phenomenon, but for Peter I would have comprised myself.

Given my obvious to-the-core-of-my-being appreciation of Peter I was ready with my napkin in hand (just in case spontaneous drooling occurred) to watch him sing.  I was positively giddy.  But then something odd happened, there was this older gentleman sitting there on the stool singing with a voice amazingly like Peter’s, but my Peter and his bare chest and golden locks were nowhere in sight.

And that was when it hit me like a ton of bricks – that older gentleman on the stool – my goodness, that is my Peter.  I gasped audibly.  How did this happen? When did this happen? Where are his golden locks? Why is he so…old?  And that is when I had the “smack me up the side of my head” realization…that is when I thought to myself, “Holy crap I must be old too!”

Peter Frampton is now 62 years old.  Let me clarify forthwith that I am not 62, but I am a few years in on the new forty now (which for the math challenged or incredibly polite equals 53); and, while I know I have aged over the years I did not have up to that point a full recognition of how much better others can recognize the fact that you are aging when they look at you, as opposed to when you look at yourself. UGGGHHH!!!!!  I could have lived without this information!

Peter is still pretty darn cute for a man of his age, but he just isn’t the Peter imprinted on my brain (and his shirt was buttoned so I cannot offer commentary on his chest – drats!).  It is a good thing that I realized this unpalatable truth – the fact that I am aging.  After seeing Peter I recognize that everyone else realizes I am aging, even if I have been bordering on obliviousness about it.  Such is life I guess.   I’ll just have to avoid looking up my old rock star heart throbs from back in the day and I’ll also have to avoid the mirror – both will undoubtedly cement this new thing I have come to realize…my goodness I am getting old.

Day one thousand two hundred and sixty-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Justin Kristan

    Amazing, Peter Frampton still going strong. Old is what you make of it Ms. C. You know that. It’s how you feel. Continue on with your “obliviousness!” I’m 43 and some days my body feels 63 from a lot of bicycling and running but hey I feel great inside.

    Rock on Ms. C. You’re looking great!

    Justin Kristan (I’ve been told I look a little like Elton John…..)

  2. Dee

    I’m a year or 2 older than you and had the exact same reaction, first time I saw Peter (whom I was in love with back in the 70s and 80s) recently. I think it was on some TV show featuring a jam session. Like you, I recognized the voice, and they said it was Peter Frampton, but no matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t see the beautiful boy in this older man’s face! It’s hard to believe he’s 64 this year and yes, we are all growing older, but we never think of ourselves as old, do we?
    I saw Peter again last night on the Beatle tribute and was glad to see him there. He’s an amazing musician, even if he isn’t the glamour-boy he was in the 70s!

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