Well the mass exodus has begun.  One cannot be in the Bison Nation and not be aware that the thundering herd is about to descend upon the relatively small community of Frisco, Texas.  The football team has already arrived and the massive, amazingly mobile fan base is preparing for the pilgrimage.

Again the Bison will play Sam Houston State in the NCAA FCS Championship game and again it will undoubtedly be a great game. Again everyone will marvel at the commitment and support of the Bison fans.  And again NDSU students, staff, faculty, alumni, and fans will hold their breath and dream of a win… a second win…a repeat.

Of course,  Sam Houston State students, staff, faculty, alumni, and fans will likewise hold their breath and dream of redemption with a big championship win.  They have had a whole year to reflect upon last year’s loss in the championship game and I imagine they are pretty darn anxious to get back on the field and show that they can get the job done.  After all, no one wants to go home defeated – everyone wants to be a winner.  The mom in me thinks it is too bad the teams can’t just have a tied score so they can all walk away feeling like “winners”, but the fan in me is not quite so gracious.

Let’s face it – winning NCAA championship games is a big deal.  To win two years it a row would be a really big deal.  Sure it has happened before – way back in the 80s (not that the 80s look that far back to me) – before any of the young men on the team were even born. But hey, it has been awhile and the best thing beyond winning one NCAA championship is winning two NCAA Championships.  Successful college football teams are worth their weight in gold – literally.  College sports are big business and winning teams garner the love, money, and commitment of not only the diehard fans, but also the fair weather fans.  Everyone loves to support a winning team.

The game starts at 12 PM on Saturday, but the anticipation has been building for weeks.  The Bison Nation is ready to make its presence known in support of the football team and win or lose, that is a really good thing. Go Bison!

Uh, yeah…I am hoping for a repeat. 😉

Day one thousand two hundred and seventy-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C