Oops…they Did It Again. ;-)

I have been humming Britney Spears’ hit – Oops…I did it again! – all afternoon.  Her tongue in cheek homage to innocence seems appropriate on the heels of a second NDSU Bison FCS win.  The Bison shut down any questions about whether they could deliver again against Sam Houston State with a triumphant 39-13 game.  They made it known that the NDSU Bison have come to play…indeed, they have come to dominate.

Yes, they did it again – a repeat.  Two FCS championships in two years. And so goes the legacy of  Bison football – no longer just a contender in a field of many – the boys are back on top and apparently they intend to stay there.

North Dakotans are typically a fairly quiet, unassuming lot – not boastful or over-the-top, but not when it comes to sports and not when it comes to hosting the two-time FCS champions.  Bragging rights have been earned and there are thousands of ecstatic Bison fans tonight who will be smiling for weeks about starting 2013 with a second trophy in as many years. Life is good and the herd is happy.

Congrats Bison football!  You did it again and you made the fans, the university, the community, and the state proud.  Is it too soon to talk about a three-peat? 😉

One thousand two hundred and seventy-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. funny is, in our bus, boss mans daughter is MS. North Dakota International, and she only brought her crown with for just ONE pic, Ms. Taylor Wagner. She was not like the others who took the crowns for notoriety. She is just plain and simple. Not bragging…..I can brag, she was on the bus, with the 20 of us that made the trip to and from the field.

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