Back To Reality…

I want to sleep for a week, and when I wake up I want the sun to be shining and the birds singing as if I am in a Disney movie.

I’d like my to-do list to be on a mini post-it note and I would like it to have only three things on it: 1) read; 2) relax; 3) repeat.

I want to be able to eat as much of whatever suits me without gaining weight.

I want all my beverages to have colorful umbrellas in them.

I want to have my cable television offerings to only be of my favorite shows.

I want to have a 500 square foot closet that is coordinated by color.

I want my toes to always have a perfect pedicure.

I want my yard to look like a beautiful park with mature trees and well-kept gardens.

I want all my family and friends to live happy, carefree lives like me.

I want a wand – a powerful one – to make all the above happen.

I want you to stop staring at your computer screen and asking, “What are you smoking today woman??!!” 😉

I want days that I can solely dedicate to daydreaming the way I did when I was a kid.

I want the frivolity of believing that everything I’d like to change in the world could change tomorrow just by virtue of me wanting it.

I want the simplicity of the youth that I thought was so very difficult.

I want a single day back of that idyllic innocence wherein the world had no real limits and reality was self-defined.

Alas, dreamers grow up and move into reality – life is a trip like that.  And no, I am not smoking anything – but hey, pass the Doritos and the Oreos nevertheless – that is one immediate want that I can fulfill that will make me feel better about living with reality. 😉

Day one thousand two hundred and eighty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C