You’ve Had It There All Along…

Well, my old friend Fifi of is at it again.  She sent me an email promising me the Fountain of Youth for $12.79.  I must say, I was a little hesitant to open the email – I had a visual of what I thought Fifi might be peddling this go-around and I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to risk confirming it.  Thankfully, it wasn’t what I visualized (and never you mind what that was – we shall not be going there).

Fifi’s Fountain of Youth is a bra that she claims “youthifies even the saggiest bustline” (that Fifi just lays it out there).  Unfortunately, the Fountain of Youth bra does nothing to make your face, skin or body look like the model wearing the Fountain of Youth bra below.  Darn it…I would have happily spent the $12.79. 😉

Fountain of Youth Bra (C/D) - women's underwire cotton lined, lace bra.

I get why she used the model instead of a woman whose saggy bustline needed youthifying, but I think she missed a real opportunity here.  If she had presented a before photo of a middle-aged woman in a substandard functional bra with her saggy bustline an inch above her navel next to an after photo of the same woman visibly uplifted in the lacy bra above, I believe the advertisement would have been much more powerful.  Allow me to  steal liberally from a line in Jerry Maguire in saying to Fifi, “SHOW ME THE PERKY!”

Here is what Fifi says about the Fountain of Youth bra:

“The bra is made of gorgeous lace on the outside and cool cotton lining on the inside. The underwires are padded so you don’t feel them at all…the camisole straps and the brilliant cup construction work in unison to smooth you out, lift you up and hold you in without minimizing your beautiful, full breasts.”

Here is what I say about the Fountain of Youth bra:

If you put on a pretty lace bra with underwire and cups that move all your stuff in the right direction, you will feel better, stand straighter, and push out that chest like you have the nuclear detonation code and aren’t afraid to use it.

The Fountain of Youth isn’t about a bra ladies it is about an attitude that is sexy, and sexy feels alive to us…indeed, even youthful at times. So go ahead, grab a lovely lace bra that gives you a lift and push out the girls as if you were on a mission – but know that all the sexy comes from within. You’ve had it there all along. 😉

Day one thousand two hundred and eighty-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. B-dubya

    “… but know that all the sexy comes from within. You’ve had it there all along.” You got THAT right, Ms. C!! 😀

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