In Redemption You May Find The True Champion…

Ah Lance, I wanted to believe that you were not doping.  I wanted to believe that you were being wrongly persecuted.  I wanted to believe that you would be able to pull out proof that you did not dope when push came to shove.

But you were doping Lance.  You were not wrongly persecuted, you were fairly accused. You didn’t pull out proof of your innocence, you finally admitted your guilt.

Now I am watching you Lance.  I am watching to see how you emerge from this.  I am watching to see if you will take this opportunity to role model how one recovers from such a failure and regains trust.  I am watching to see if you can rewrite the story of your life and serve once again as a role model.

I hope you know Lance that the bad choices you have made in the past need not define your future.  I hope you know that every tomorrow is a chance to be the man you want to be.  I hope you know that in redemption you may find the true champion within you.

I’ll be watching Lance.  We’ll all be watching.  Show us something that allows us to believe again.

Day one thousand two hundred and eighty-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Justin Kristan

    Ms. C:

    Please remember that doping in the peloton is not new. Lance’s approach was stated to be systematic and very aggressive. I don’t doubt this but he is far from the first and certainly did not pull off this offense on his own. The media’s approach to Lance’s offenses is short-sighted to say the least. Lance is one man and part of one team. Yes, he carried great influence but he is not the “system” in cycling . Doping issues have been long running in the realm of professional cycling. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how one see’s it (especially in the United States) Lance “is our man” though there are many professional cyclists who have long, illustrious careers in the professional peloton. As usual, U.S. media will focus on Lance as if his situation is the only doping scandal that exists or “is the most sophisticated.” Yes, America will look to Lance to do the right thing but understanding the full history of doping in the peloton would better calibrate the magnitude of his fraud. Let’s hope he helps put honesty and positive human character as greater goods than his tarnished reputation. Let’s also hope that American sports fans can grow by actually looking at the long and sad history of doping that took place long before Lance was any type of “game changer” in the professional peloton. I would recommend American sports fans look at baseball, football, running, and swimming for illegal drug use. I’m quite sure it is there and has been for a long time. I am hoping Lance can put something back in to professional cycling (and maybe other sports) that has been missing for awhile; integrity.

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