The Zen Room…

Cheyenne is in the process of switching bedrooms in the house.  She waged a long campaign and enlisted the support of her siblings to likewise campaign on her behalf.  After a couple of years I finally acquiesced to the constant begging and occasional nagging.

You wouldn’t think moving from one room to another in the same house would be too very big a deal; but, when it is part of the transition from young girl room to teenager room it is quite a production.  It necessitated a complete room redo.  It has become the singular focus of the household for the past few weekends between searching for new decor within the design scheme (a contemporary Asian zen with cherry blossom trees prominently featured), room preparation, and the actual move (which resulted in quite a bit of purging that was painful for her mother who apparently wasn’t ready).   Then there was relocating everything of mine that was previously inhabiting Cheyenne’s new space to her old space.  Of course, this required a room re-paint as the lime green walls in her former room did not fit with my idea of zen.

I don’t ever remember my switching between rooms in my parents’ house being so complex.  As I recall those switches, they were a one day affair at worst.  Apparently my parents knew something that I didn’t – don’t engage in the process.  They were never part of any of my room moves.  It was always just me and my siblings.  They also never bought me anything new on the occasion of me switching rooms.  As for me, the one with a teenager who has been sitting next to her while she has watched HGTV all these years, I have been sucked into the “I need, I want, please buy me this mom-meeee” extravaganza.  It has been quite the journey. 😉

I am happy to report that I am fairly confident that we will all be semi-settled into our new habitats by the end of the weekend.  Cheyenne will be in her teenage room which I have no intent of spending another nickel on until she moves for college.  She will have to spend the rest of her teenage years in zen mode or fund her next remodel herself.

I must confess, the whole room moving thing reminded me of how quickly time flies.  When we moved into this house Cheyenne was in second grade.  Now she is halfway through eighth grade.  It hit me as I was carting things from one room to the other that before I knew it I would be doing this with a dorm room or apartment.  It made me a little sad.  I am not entirely sure what I will do when I am in an empty nest – by then I will have spent 36 years actively parenting kids.  Cheyenne is the last of four and I suspect when she leaves it will be the most difficult to deal with.  But I need not dwell on that now…I still have lots of stuff to relocate between the rooms and I have four and a half more teenage years with Cheyenne.  Perhaps by the time she heads to college it will be me that needs to move into the zen room. 😉

Day one thousand two hundred and ninety-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    Reading this prompted a trip down memory lane for me and my daughter. Looking back at the many room shuffles between her and her three brothers seemed, in retrospect, like a lot of fun excitement. I do have vague recollections of dipping into aspirin, Ben-gay and a bit of wine to help me through the sheer physical labor of it all, but it was fun–as I’m sure it was in your house. Congratulations Cheyenne on your new digs–and on having such a cool Mom!

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