Necessary News…

I appreciate news stories that focus on the positive things going on in our community, state, nation, and world.   Let’s face it, there just aren’t enough of them that make it into the paper.  There are too many other things to cover -things like local political happenings, crime, weather concerns, sports, new laws, national issues, global concerns, etc., etc.  The “good news” has a lot of competition and all too often gets pushed aside by the pressing news of the moment.

While I wish there was better balance between “good news” and the necessary news, I understand that the imbalance must fall toward the things we must know to make better informed decisions as citizens.  To be fair, the imbalance likely makes the “good news” stories even more welcome when they do rise to the top of the publishing agenda.  It is the small sliver of sunlight that makes its way through the darkening blinds that are slightly askew – the reminder that the world out there still contains light and positivity.

Enter the story of Jesse Johnston, a 19 year old senior at Hawley High School with Down Syndrome.  The story focuses on Jesse’s role in supporting the boy’s basketball team and the teams commitment to likewise supporting Jesse.  It is a great reminder of the power of acceptance and inclusion.  Bravo to Forum writer Chris Murphy for bringing us this story.

“Jesse Johnston gets a lift from Hawley High School seniors, from left, Devon Pekas, Zach Filler, Brandon Sellin, Jacob Crompton and Logan Stoa. Johnston, who has Down syndrome can usually be found watching each game from the Nuggets bench.
Photo Credit: David Samson / The Forum

Just when we are left to wonder if the world we live in is hopelessly spiraling toward a place where none of us want to be, but often feel helpless to affect, here comes a story of young people who embody the characteristics that give us hope for an optimistic tomorrow. It occurs to me that the answer to so many of the woes we face as a global community reside right here in this example.  It is how we treat each other on an individual level – it is in the little things we offer to each other.  It is as simple as kindness and friendship…tolerance and understanding.

So the good news about the “good news” is – it offers us assurance that humanity survives in the small gestures of individuals toward each other, creatures, and the environment.  It is that sliver of sunlight – that reminder that we still have the light and positivity we need within us.  And that my friends, is necessary news for all of us.

Day one thousand two hundred and ninety-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    Back in the 70’s, a Los Angeles attorney made the rounds of the talk shows campaigning for someone to start a good news/everyday hero newspaper to get those stories out where they could foster some good feelings and inspiration. I don’t know if that ever took root. I was a big fan of Paul Harvey because he had a real knack for finding those kinds of news stories.
    Yes, we do need this kind of press if we’re to avoid falling prey to de-press-ion! 🙂

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